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This week we introduce you to a party idea which our close friend Alison has initiated us into. Alison and her husband have relocated to New York to Miami and what better way to meet new friends and neighbors than to invite them all over for a wine date.


A Line Up Of The Contenders To Be Voted On

Etude, Chacra, Golden Eye, Petites Secondes, Dundee Hills, Domaine Serene, Kristler, Phelps , Creek,Shug , Belle Glos, La Crema

How it is played is each couple brings three matching bottles of wine, in this case Pinot Noir. Two are set aside while one goes on to compete anonymously against the other wines. Everyone is a judge and to the victor belong the spoils - all the remaining wine bottles and the honor of hosting the next Winning, Drinking (your choice of liquor) and Dining. 

Wine Glass Tags 

How To Host a Blind Tasting Party

A blind tasting party is a great way to pass time and learn something about wine while you’re at it. If you don’t have enough people at home to pull off a tasting party, this could be a romantic evening activity for you and your partner, however, in this case there was no shortage of people or wine.

Hostess With The Mostest Alison Spelling Out The Rules Of The Game

To successfully host a blind tasting, you really need the three components provided in this kit in addition to wine glasses. Good wine, wine tags for each glass so you know which glass is yours and a note pad. 

The Wine Gang 

The best kit includes pencils, labels for the wine glasses, bags to cover up the wines, a simple wine aroma and flavor guide, and some pre-printed wine tasting notecards for participants.  

A kit usually accommodates up to 10 participants with 5 wines. Or 5 participants with 10 wines. One participant with 10 wines is not recommended (unless of course, you are a sommelier or wine scholar cramming for an upcoming exam)! 

Chef Hamlet Garcia w/ Hostess Alison 

Almost as important as the wine is great food. Food bites are essential in cleansing the pallet between each tasting and preventing any driving home situation should you get pulled over by the "POPO"

Real Estate agent and Chef extraordinaire Chef Hamlet Garcia came to the rescue. His food is as impressive as his name being of the most demanded personal chefs in town along side Elements Event Mgt are the two most dependable caterers in town from a New Yorker's point of view which is much more discerning than most.  

Food by Chef Hamlet Garcia 

If your wine tasting group wants to more in-depth than the content that is provided in the kit, you might want to use a resource that explains the “why” and “how” and not just the “what” of the wines you are tasting. This indispensable handbook on flavors released in early 2020 will definitely up your blind wine-tasting game!

Andre Hakkak Alec & Sarah, Debbie and Thomas Fuchs

One of the most fun parts of the evening was traveling to each of the rooms the wine was placed in it was almost like a game of "Clue" we journeyed between the living room, the dining room and results were revealed in the family room which were all exquisitely designed by Modplay Studio design team Leando and Carlos

Philippe, Geoff  & Mark

Alison, Make Up Maven Marissa Shipman, Maria Prork and Debbie 

As a good marketing agent I went around and casually dropped clues about #15 and how I was a fan of #1 in an attempt of reverse psychology. The winning wine was Edouard Delaunay 2019 Septembre Bourgogne which ironically happened to be the one that Thomas and I purchased that came highly recommended by Marc, a close friend in Paris, who is a wine connoisseur. 


Maria Prorok flanked by renown landscape designers Tim & Fernando Wong

There were so many highlights of the evening but for those of you know me personally the best part was meeting a new menagerie who were as diverse as the wines brought with each person having their own special bouquet of personality.

From established interior designers such as Colombian based Catherine Moggio , Make Up Balm maven Marissa Shipman to renown horticulturists Fernando Wong,  bankers and more we all mixed effortlessly toasting the night away. 

Geoff w/ Philippe

Mod Play Studio Designers Carlos Rodriguez and Leandro Lantigua along side Louis Montalvo

As the evening came to a crescendo the results were revealed in the family room where Fernando Wong was awarded the prize for the most original voting card where he penned his number and wrote "call me" ! As people slowly exited the most fun part of the evening ensued. 


Best Wine Entry "Call Me" 867.5309 

Leslie and I 

The select few mosied over to the coziest room in the house. A cashmered paneled library where the evening continued with the remaining guest transitioning from wine to a handmade Amass Gin and Fever Tree Tonics 

Thomas Fuchs Miraculously Made It To Our Car

Needless to say Alison and family have safely landed in Miami and made it their own. The magic of New York is we all find each other in New Yorks 6th Borough...... Miami. A great time was had by all.

Have a great week and play your own wine or tequila game in our Thomas Fuchs Barware of course!


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