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Article: #MADEINITALY - Fatto a Mano - Handmade

#MADEINITALY - Fatto a Mano  - Handmade

#MADEINITALY - Fatto a Mano - Handmade



Thomas Fuchs Furniture Line 

Fatto A Mano - Made by Hand - DTC (direct to customer)

Welcome to our blog and online store.

Each week we take you behind the scenes of our company giving you behind the scenes look at the people and places that inspire us.

This Wednesday, March 13th, being our mutual birthday and wedding anniversary, we celebrate the #MadeInItaly mark of distinction previewing all our products made with the multiple artisans we work with across from the one country we call our second home.

Thomas Blowing Glass in Murano Italy 

With the upcoming Salone del Mobile in Milan April 16-21. 2024, Thomas Fuchs is the only American designer be interviewed by journalist Guilia Zappa for the Salone website on all things Italian. 



The NapKing Italy Table Linen + Thomas Fuchs Collaboration

Our collaborations highlight a fusion of American creativity and Italian craftsmanship, epitomized by partnerships with esteemed, family-owned companies across Italy. From Murano Glass Chandeliers by Cenedese and Seguso to Porcelain by Villary, Venetian Mirrors by Lavai, Murano Drinking Glasses by Multiforme, and Linen by The Napking Italy, our work underscores the essence of Italian design and its significance in the American market.

In the west we commonly think things that are handmade either seem to be unattainable and come from Europe or the secondary idea conjured up is a South American craftswoman weaving or sewing away.

Thomas Fuchs Venti Luce Murano Glass Chandelier 

In actuality the Europeans took the arts from the Asian and Eastern cultures and added and refined the techniques euro-fying ( that's right I just made up yet another word ) them giving history a more modern take on an ancient process. We at Thomas Fuchs Creative bring craftsmanship by skilled artisans to market previously only available to the trade. Traditional techniques such as hand carving, lost wax casting and glass blowing are accessible at a price point without compromising the design aesthetic. 



Thomas Fuchs x Villary Porcelain Collection

It is our intention to keep craftsmanship alive. In so many of the countries we manufacture in the youth have lost interest in the arts. We hear over and over again the sons and daughters of these artist have left the trade to pursue careers in computers and automation. However in Italy the craft is still very much alive.

Thomas Fuchs Piove Murano Glass Lamp

The good news is by Thomas designing on the level that these artist appreciate, they (the artists)  want to work with Thomas to create his designs and bring them to life which has brought the demand back by our small company that could. Furthermore, with covid and the pandemic this has brought our direct online sales being directly in touch with the customers we are able to reach far more people rather than waiting for a buyer to decide if our line is appropriate for their store their collection their season or reason.


Thomas Fuchs Skull Marble Bucket carved out of one block of Marble


We give 100% credit to Toni Russo former head of buying for Barneys New York now at Bergdorf Goodman.  Toni single handedly launched our collection at Barneys NY 10 years ago  advising us what was missing in the market place and how to fill a niche as our company is one of the very few that can access people in far out places who could bring techniques alive.

Thomas Fuchs Handblown 24K Gold Polka Dot Drinking Glasses

As the saying goes "he Proof was in the pudding". Our first 8 deliveries to Barneys NY sold out before even making it to the sales floor. We then went on to be sold in legendary retailers such as Le Bonmarche, Fondacion Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus, Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Ave, La Rinacente and many more. 



Thomas Fuchs Skull Marble Bucket being Handcarved  


Our hospitality lighting projects span from The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh to The Wynn in Las Vegas and many more. It is our intention with each project to  working with the interior designers and private large residential clients in pin pointing the lifestyle they live and how our Murano glass chandeliers and table lamps can accentuate their spaces.


Thomas Fuchs Bollencine Chandelier 

The genius and consistency in Thomas' design is weather working with Maestro glass blowers in Murano the designs and finish is flawless. It is always our intention to travel the world and highlight certain techniques that are specific to the country and culture we are manufacturing in. 



Custom Marble Table Top w/ Mother of Pearl and Semi Precious Insects

Case and point is our new line of custom inlay marble table tops. After mining our marble from Pietra Santa region in Italy and sent India to be inlaid with the same techniques used for the Taj Mahal. Thomas designed table tops with more modern relevant themes like the one below with the mother of pearl and semi precious insects. 


 Vogue features Thomas Fuchs Mother of Pearl inlay Cheese Tray

Editorially our handmade products have been featured in Vogue, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Sight Unseen, People Magazine, Departures, WWD among others. 



Thomas Fuchs Lavica Murano Glass Table Lamp with Silver Leaf Reaction

We invite you to browse our product collections and be inspired weather it be to create something by hand in your own home or move things around and pair them with other objects or purchase from any of our collections.


Thomas Fuchs Venetian Mirror  

Know that each sale is supporting not just our company, not just a craftsman, not just a cottage industry, but in turn you are keeping alive the art as old as time an art that is purely done by a human hand and not by a machine.  


Have a great week!






That custom tabletop. Wow!

Meredith Craig



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