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Proprietor Randall Bachner  

Welcome to our ONLINE STORE  and blog. 

As a barware, lighting and home accessories design company, at Thomas Fuchs Creative we specialize in handmade goods. Every week we give you a behind the scenes look at the people, places and things that inspire us.

We have arrived in Marrakesh post Salone del Mobile in Milan as guests of our dear friends Roxanne and Jerome staying at their Riad gives us an insider look of experiencing Marrakesh from a local perspective. 

Marrakesh or Marrakech (/məˈrækɛʃ/ or /ˌmærəˈkɛʃ/;[3] Arabicمراكشromanizedmurrākušpronounced [murraːkuʃ]Berber languagesⵎⵕⵕⴰⴽⵛromanized: mṛṛakc[4]) is the fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco.[2] It is one of the four Imperial cities of Morocco and is the capital of the Marrakesh-Safi region


From sitting at my desk during covid in my home hallway turned office scrolling through my instagram feed dreaming of outfits to buy and places to go to be able to wear my instagram covets I came across Marrakshi Life. Was it fate of of the algorithm which clearly worked its magic and pin pointed like a arrow to the bulls eye or just me tumbling down an instagram rabbit hole as had happened many times during lockdown. 

Marrakshi Life

Randall Bachner a successful New York – based fashion photographer whose 10-day holiday in Marrakech in 2011 recast his career path. With an eye for capturing beauty, he was captivated by the North African city’s color and energy. Consequently, Bachner relocated and founded the fashion company Marrakshi Life in 2013 with the principal idea to honor Moroccan heritage, aesthetic, and culture by sustaining and championing its traditional weaving practices.

Marrakshi Yarn Spinning


Initially, the former photographer was introduced to local artisans – weavers and tailors – who would help him create his vision. Together they explored the idea of making clothes that take inspiration from the traditional Moroccan aesthetic and combine it with contemporary urban design. They decided these garments were to be made from handwoven fabrics in a myriad of colors. 

Marrakshi Life

The region has been inhabited by Berber farmers since Neolithic times. The city was founded in 1070 by Emir Abu Bakr ibn Umar as the imperial capital of the Almoravid Empire. The Almoravids established the first major structures in the city and shaped its layout for centuries to come.

Michou's Fitting 

The red walls of the city, built by Ali ibn Yusuf in 1122–1123, and various buildings constructed in red sandstone afterwards, have given the city the nickname of the "Red City" (المدينة الحمراء Almadinat alhamra') or "Ochre City" (ville ocre). Marrakesh grew rapidly and established itself as a cultural, religious, and trading center for the Maghreb and sub-Saharan AfricaJemaa el-Fnaa is the busiest square in Africa.

Marrakshi Life

Being in Marrakesh seeing another couple live together and work together puts it all into perspective and in our company both Thomas and I play the same roles. Thomas designs and is equally good at math and I handle all the press, public relations, marketing and fulfillment.

Randall & Nicholas 

It is comforting to know there are many couples we come across who share the same path as we do. When Thomas is asked how it is to live together and work together his response is " Michou and I play completely different roles and who is going to have more of your best interest in mind than your life partner".


Marrakshi Boucle Yarn Spin

This design duo proves that like so many of us that are in search of originality, sustainability and craftsmanship there is an art to keeping the "art" alive in the countries we adopt as home.

Michou in Black & White

Both Thomas and I are oxygenated by the maestros in Italy we come across or the hand carvers in the marble quarrys of India where our champagne buckets are made, the porcelain artist in Bassano del Grappa, the glass blowers in Egypt and Mexico these are all cottage industries that we bring to the market or purchase for our own use keeping it alive relevant and sought after.

Have a great week and log on to Marrakshi Life and pick up an outfit.




Fabulous enterprise!! You have the eye to find the best always!!!🥰

Cristina Preti

Loved this article. Fantastic company and story.

Jessica Welle

Love it!

de Jamblinne

You look amazing! 💙


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