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Photo Credit: Jean Bernard Yaguiyan 

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Our Marrakesh sojourn continues with a off the beaten path discovery of Florence Teillet's exquisite textile showroom hidden down the dessert dusty roads of Marrakesh. As any efficient New Yorker I did ample deep dive of instagram accounts, as well as french articles, of unique finds in Marrakesh.


Orange, Reds and Browns

Florence, a true renaissance woman, born in Morocco of Swiss origin, is the epitome of where style meets substance. Florence leverages the true art form of Berber techniques and "weaves" them into colour combinations that are amenable into any kind of home or garment weather one wants to have a splash of colour or wants to be awash in colour.

Thomas & Florence 

We hired a driver for the day to visit all these off the beaten path places and with the zest of a kid in a candy store we went from one place to the other acquiring even more treasures to bring back as the metaphorical and physical space in our luggage shrank. 

Stack of Colour Coded Handwoven Fabrics

The colors of Berber weavings are typically bright in contrast to the dark interiors that characterize the regional Moroccan architecture. Red is often the dominant color, but designs often incorporate tan, brown, black, purple, white, blue, green, and yellow.

The Showrooms Outdoor Area

The five colors of red, green, yellow, white, and black/purple are used throughout textiles and are associated with the natural life cycle and fertility . Until the nineteenth century, when synthetic dyes became more readily available, the deeply saturated colors came from natural sources.

Florence, Michou et Thomas 

Vegetables and minerals provided the materials for the dying process. “Indigo was used for blues and greens, madder root for red, pomegranate skins for black, saffron and almond leaves for yellow, and tea, henna and a variety of indigenous plants for red-brown earth tones” .

Interior Designer Martyn Bullard Home Tour Bedroom Bedcover By Florence

Some weavers also use a tie-dying technique, weaving cotton strips into their woolen articles that don’t absorb the dyes. Black, red, brown, and yellow colors predominate in these headscarves and belts. Today, most businesses obtain their chemical-based dyes at local markets.

Florence's Daughter wrapped in her Mother's Textiles

Some garments have specific color patterns, such as the white woolen headcloths worn by Berber women in the Anti-Atlas Mountains. These white garments are adorned with patches of henna brown that provide spiritual protection, in the same way as their strategically placed tattoos.

White wool is often used for men wishing to emphasize their piety, virtue, and honesty. This is why white is the traditional color of those performing Friday prayers at the mosque .

Painting of a Berber woman by Florence

Florence's talent goes far beyond interior and fashion including painting her amazing profile and landscapes proving that art lives with her. All this exposure can be contributed to her beloved Father. 


Photo of Florence's Beloved Father

Her career spans from hospitality to home and beyond for collaborating for over 15 years with Thierry Teyssier's 'Maison des Reves" in Figaro Magazine to renown Katryn Ireland, Conde Nast Travel among many others. 

Log on to instagram and follow her account as well we contact her or put her showroom on your list if you are heading to Marrakesh. 

Instagram: @florenceteillet

email: atwflo@yahoo.fr

Phone: 00212661225905 

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Hi Florence,

A big congratulations Flo everything is beautiful both your superb weavings, your paintings and your curtains…♥️🤍♥️🌟

Sarthou-Moutengou Denise Isé May 18, 2023

Florence Teillet such a talented woman, a creative mind and a marvellous and sensible person. I love her ❤️

Ines Stephan May 18, 2023


Alessandra May 08, 2023

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