Chef / Owner Daniele and his right hand man 

"Little Kitchen"
Viale Piave 17, 20129 Milan


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Milan during Salone del Mobile and Fashion Week is when the glitterati of the design world descend upon Milan for food, fare, fashion and fun. Where restaurant reservations are hard to come by and lines out the door we always are on the look out for the under the radar places.

Monachina Eggs in Nest

They say the best things happen by chance. For those of you who know me well know that  I prefer Louis Pasteur's saying "chance favours the prepared mind". I am always prepared with my lists, schedules and restaurant bookings far in advance of our trip all neatly typed in a bold face font and laminated one copy for me and one copy for Thomas in case any of our bag get lost or stolen (its happened before). 

With our trip starting off with flight cancellations and rebooking we landed into Milan in a whirlwind of chaos only to keep our focus on the positive which is that we made it just in time to the Salone del Mobile even if it was without our luggage. 

Caramelized Brie on Brioche 

Being 4 days into the fair meeting our nearest and dearest friends, Sabine Francesca and Alessandra, Le Cinque Donne, we dined and drank at Vesta in Brera recounting stories of our first night dining rooftop staring at the lit Duomo, courtesy of our hostess Villari proprietress, Barbara Villari, we were in awe of our own life experiences and journey.


Elle O'Neal

The next dday while at the fair, Panerai Watch executive Zhanna Hofstatter invited us to meet she and her husband Felipe at the off the radar restaurant Piccola Cucina (tiny kitchen).

Souffle Gnocchi 

Alas, Zhanna nor her husband were able to join us as Baby Franco came down with a fever forcing us to dine alone. Felipe called ahead and let chef Daniele know we would still fill the reservation but there would only be two of us. 

Our turned into a night reminiscent of the famed Stanley Tucci cult favindie film classic "Big Night" 1996. Ironically Stanley Tucci has gone on to have his own Italian food review show CNN's Searching For Italy but I digress.

 Black Tagliolini, Cuttlefish & Peas

As in the movie there was a surprise guest our surprise was sitting directly across the table from us. We got to chatting only to find out we are all from New York City and have multiple people in common.

Recalling the halcyon days of corporate New York where everyone had a car and driver along with flower budgets Ellen O'Neal's personality and life experience reads like a New York story a cross between Nora Ephron and Woody Allen.

Table for Three

All of a sudden a table of two turned into a table of three. This goes to prove that hidden secrets are best found out by persistent New Yorkers looking for original haunts not known to many, well not as of yet. 

Chef Daniele owns restaurant that only seats eight tables and is formidable following already of those in the know. The food harkons back to your nonnas cooking with the warmth of a home kitchen the pink washed walls with hing crockery, the wooden classic chairs and doilies under the hot plates all make one feel right at home.

Deconstructed Lemon Cream w/ Crumbled Pastry and Meringue

We started with baked brie a top a brioche and Monachina Egg Nest which is the Sicilian way to boil the fry the egg placed in nest of fried seaweed. Our second course was Soufflé Gnocchi and a Squid Ink Pasta with Cuttlefish and Peas. We ended the meal with the most delightful Chocolate Bomb and a Deconstructed Lemon Cream with Crumbled Pastry and Meringue.

Piccola Cucina has no social media presence at all every ounce of energy is focused on fine dining, call or email them now to book your table. 


02-76012860 / 349-3175578


Great Anthony Bourdain s like story !!!
I loved all about it … especially the table of 2 turned into 3 !!!
What a journey, lived with passion !

Gabrielle A. April 23, 2023


Alessandra April 23, 2023

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