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The Pool 

Welcome to our ONLINE STORE  and blog. 

As a barware, lighting and home accessories design company, at Thomas Fuchs Creative we specialize in handmade goods. Every week we give you a behind the scenes look at the people, places and things that inspire us.

Thomas and I are in Milan, Italy several times a year based on the mere fact that 80 percent of our products are #MadeInItaly. The art, craftsmanship and design theory are world renowned.

My Favourite Iconic Carpet 

While at my post at Louis XIII Remy Martin it was UK based PR maven Francoise Peretti that suggested on my trip to Milan I should stay at the Principe and immediately introduced me to Alessandra Baldeschi and Francesca De Sario, recently departed head of PR, both of who we went on to develop a formidable relationship with.

There are 5 things we look for when choosing a hotel when traveling for business: location, bedrooms, products / amenities; personal services; meeting areas / bar (not necessarily in that order) .

I would also include the pool, as pictured above, or the great gym with panoramic views of the city, but the truth is we always plan to get to the pool and gym and end up being overly scheduled.

While some people may feel this iconic hotel is a testament to a more classic, conservative luxury, Thomas and I love the combination of old school classic service with modern convenience.

 Ambassador Suite


We all know how taxing travel is these days weather traveling in the back of the plane or in the front we are all put through long lines, flight cancellations and baggage not showing up but all that goes away once you step into the rooms at The Principe.

The rooms welcoming comfort exudes elegance with rich fabrics combined with a soothing colour palette and a mix and match of pattern and design only Europeans know how to execute.

We have our favourite room we always request that has ample entertaining spaces and a bed, pillows and comforter we loved so much we purchased the same for our home in Miami. 


In comparison to the Ritz in Paris or the Dorchester in London, The Principe holds its own from your first step into the hotel with the Ashraf remembering how long it has been since your last visit, to Osvaldo  at the concierge desk trying to get our shipment of goods to our clients for their boutique hotel opening or Roberto manning the V.V.I.P. social placement of the Lobby Lounge.

The Original Entrance


The neoclassical building was designed by prominent Milanese architect Cesare Tenca. Back then it was called ‘Hotel du Nord’ and decorated in Italian Art Nouveau style, known in Italy as ‘Liberty’ style. The location of the hotel was carefully chosen for its close proximity to the railway station and city centre. It was described at the time as, “perfectly positioned less than ten minutes by carriage from the world-famous La Scala opera house.”

On April 6, 1927, the hotel reopened under the new name of Principe & Savoia, after its two owners who were both well-known and highly successful local Milanese entrepreneurs. The hotel was originally designed to appeal to business people, but by the 1930s its grandeur and reputation for exquisite service had made it popular with royalty, celebrities and world-renowned artists performing at La Scala.

Thomas & Michou in the Bar aka our "Meeting Room"

The Bar:

Our first time staying at the hotel  together was 15 years ago when we had launched our retail arm of our company. I quickly rang up Alessandra and Francesca and let them know we are coming for meetings with legendary Italian retail giant La Rinascente.

The team at "The Principe" went into action mode as I connected them to the buying team and in true form "the mountain came to Michou" instead of Michou having to go to the mountain. From then onwards we hold all our client meetings in the bar off the lobby.

Custom Bag Tags


Upon entering our room we were greeted with custom luggage tags which clearly like any 5 star hotel they had read our minds as Thomas and I literally had just mentioned it while off loading our bags at the carousel at Malpensa. Making our welcome even more noteworthy.

Thomas Enjoying An Aqua di Parma Bubble Bath

Products / Amenities:

After long days of selling at shows such as Salone del Mobile combined with walking the city streets and meeting friends for dinner coming back to our room and knowing the standard of the amenities is on par makes the day seem worth the effort, not to mention the extras serve as keepsakes that make you look like a star when you return home with all our Aqua di Parma toiletries. 

Ferrari Blanc des Blancs

After any long day and before an even longer evening there is always time for an "appertivo" to invite our nearly and dearly Milanese friends to our living room for a drink.

Our complimentary Ferrari Maximum Blanc des Blancs serves as the perfect bouquet with notes of apple, underpinned by tones of biscuit and citrus. Amidst the notes of ripe fruit one finds pleasant hints of crusty bread. A fresh and lively flavour, enhanced by the velvety softness of the bubbles to wash the day away.

Dorchester's Collect Magazine Feature on Us

It has become such a staple for our business trips to Milan that the Dorchester's Collect Magazine has featured us in their Design Issue during Milan Design Week &  Salone del Mobile asking us our fav places to eat, shop and shine in the city!


Our Milanese Family / All Husbands Missing 

Now it’s left on the shoulders of Frederica Ceola to carry on the legacy, fingers crossed, with Salone del Mobile 2025 we can actually collaborate with the hotel with a grand Murano installation!


The Handwritten Note

Have a great start of the American Summer holidays and book your stay at The Principe di Savoia as their tagline states "Belong to the Legend",  however, the legend belongs to us as much as we belong to it!




I know that you really Love this Hotel , since many years … and as a world traveler I know that you feel at home in Milan thanks to them …
Enjoy this trip and Rock Salone my dearest M & T . Xoxo






Love the Principe!


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