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After 2 years of no Salone del Mobile in Milan it was back in full force. While thousands of people stormed each hall of the convention center Thomas and I always head over to the New Curated Collection "Salone Satellite". 



Michou Flanked by Thomas & Cosimo on his Mushroom Chair

Design is the inner expression of a human being well versed and educated enough to not only put it to paper, thats the easiest part, the more intrinsic part is finding the tools to get it from the sketch to the show. The sourcing, manufacturing, transportation, fund sourcing, jurying along with so many other variables play major roles for someones most inner most idea to be presented on a global platform such as Milan's Salone del Mobile

Walking through the Satellite Area I immediately came across a chair made from a unique biodegradable mushroom material. After watching Fantastic Funghi on Netflix I am mesmerized by the magic of the mushroom.

The most human thing we can do is to be in the sitting position when not standing. Hence a chair has so many interpretations and manifestations all conspiring for the comfort of a human while making a statement.  


A very handsome and charming designer by the name of Cosimo de Vita presented himself and explained his creation. Not only is his name right out of a movie the echo of the meaning transports one to cosmos In Italian the meaning of the name Cosimo is: The Italian form of the Greek Cosmo, meaning order and of course the family name "de Vita" , of life. leads one to know that this gentleman could only bring an order to life. 


Cosimo de Vita comes from a family of artisans, he carries on the family tradition by creating exquisite wooden chairs decorated with the architectonic masterpieces of Florence – a way for expat Florentines to feel back in their home town, and for all those who love Florence to bring a piece of the city’s beauty and artisanal tradition into their houses.


Cosimo considers himself both an artisan and artist, stating that “artists have the vision but they don’t always have the savoir-faire” and vice-versa. He is worried that craftsmanship in Florence would become somewhat of a tourist attraction: “Being an artisan is not about entertaining a crowd, it is about working and creating things with your hands.”

The chair turns into a symbolic objet which encloses the city and its values. The "Citying Project" is a celebration of the world. It started from the dream of seeing different realities, cultures and aesthetics as a result of the coexistence of harmonious concepts around a  table. 


The global appeal of his design in using key wonders of the world in design to serve as inspiration for his chairs brings art and whimsey in to any area they are placed be it residential, commercial or hospitality they will make anyone stop and stare. Easily customizable in colour and size this makes for the perfect conversation piece. 

Citying is a journey between East and West, between tradition and modernity; the chairs are handcrafted in solid wood but also decorated with a numerical control pantograph much like Thomas' use of "The Golden Mean" in all of our Thomas Fuchs Creative product design. 



Cosimo strongly believes in combining the knowledge of the past with technologies of present. Humanity will have to find a balance between the celebration of national diversity and a neccessary intercultural dialog. 

"My art strives to turn an everyday object into a metaphysical work by incorporating memory and experience into design." There is life behind art, a dynamic movement present in the act of sitting still: the existence of cumulative memories of the past and a simultaneous creation of future memories in one act.

In a world so torn apart by xenophobia we can all find a seat at our table to come together and save our planet one chair at a time. 

We invite you to sit still and press play on the video below and contact Cosimo to get your own chair>

instagram: @cosimodevita

Website: www.cosimodevita.com

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