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Article: The 89 Yr Old Italian Countess defies Coronavirus Covid-19 and Stands w/ ITALIA

The 89 Yr Old Italian Countess defies Coronavirus Covid-19 and Stands w/  ITALIA

The 89 Yr Old Italian Countess defies Coronavirus Covid-19 and Stands w/ ITALIA

The Italian Countess who Defied Corona to Stand with Italia #solidarity 

Viva l'Italia !!!

We are a design company and online store selling barware, lighting & home accessories. As creative company we are always on the lookout for like minded people who bring us joy, art and entertaining and most importantly know how to set a beautiful dining table.

Contessa's East Hampton Dining Table set with our Thomas Fuchs Napkins and Drinking Glasses

Look no further than our 89 yr old Italian neighbour, Paola Mari Rossetti, daughter of a countess who attended the Poggio Imperiale in Florence,  a school attended only by nobles back in the day now Paola says "everyone with money can attend".  Years later Mrs. Rosetti ended up in New York City running the Italian Consulate for 40 years.


First Lady Nancy Regan

The New York City Italian Consulate General Team

A Note to Paola from renowned Italian Mariapia Fanfani

Now retired and living in Miami, in the most posh building , Paola Mari Rossetti rules the roost. She leaves her home once a day jeweled from head to toe in one of her many favorite vintage Gucci caftans ( Alessandro Michele would be in love)  to go down to check the mail (remember this later in the story). 

With Rai Television on full blast - she lives right above us I feel like we are watching it with her 24/7 -she is fully aware of global politics and the pandemic.

Paola summoned me upstairs a few weeks ago.

Paola: Michou! Michou!! Michou!!! ( in her Italian accent) its bad bad - very bad,

Michou: What's bad

Paola: The situation in Italy is bad, we must have a dinner party with all our italian friends call Cristina, Tania, Tiziano, Leo, Laia and tell your husband TOM ( Thomas Fuchs) that he has to help me cook right away, the corona viiiirus is in Italy we must stand with our people and show solidarity and celebrate Italia , BUT, Michou Rai says no more than 10 ppl together but... go till the end let's invite 9 ! Che Ridere (that's the Italian "LOL")

I went up immediately and set her table with her favorite Ginori dinnerset , La Marca  Prosecco and San Pellegrino all Italian staples..she says she doesn't drink water ..."my dear Michou water is used for bathing" .

Paola is fashioned after one of the old actresses Elizabeth Taylor , Aunty Mame , Claudia Cardinale take your pic where excess is standard and the hyperbole is the norm ...perfect for gay neighbours like us !

Two days after the dinner party Paola calls me:


Michou: Tutto Okay?! (Everything Okay)

Paola: Where were you last night? You won't believe what happened

Paola went to do her daily check the mail run and she ascended the elevator and there was a man inside:

Paola: hello 

Man: Hello , are you italian

Paola: NO....I AM ROMAN

Man: you must cook great 

Paola: come up 8pm and see for yourself

Paola tells me , can you believe I invited a stranger to my apartment for dinner. At 8pm sharp on the dot there is a knock at the door, 3 old italian ladies cooking in the kitchen , Paola instructs Maria to go open the door.

The man walks in and is standing behind Paola ,while she stirs the gnocchi, Paola ask's "what's your name" he says Denzel.....she responds Washiiiington......he was delighted they even knew who he is she replies you were in that movie Philadelphia"...he is amused and says yes, she asks were you the lawyer or the fag ( ba dump bump).

Denzel Washington in Paola's Kitchen

The following knock at the door Paola rushed to open it she sees a tall man with an afro with 2 chains on his neck a jewish star of david and a christian cross...Paola's opening greeting was " you are wearing two chains , make up your mind" ....LOL it was singer Lenny Kravitz in search of his friend Denzel ( their agent happens to live in our building).

With a Italian will Like Mrs. Rossetti who stands with her country the glory of Italia and myself as an honorary Italian , she has christened herself my Italian mother, and as any italian mother she is one hell of a ball buster however Thomas and I cannot simply cannot live without her. 

(L-R) Gabrielle Hatchuel-Becker, Paola Mari Rossetti and Michou Mahtani attend FAAM, Ladies Breakfast, Exceptional Auctions at FAAM Gallery on April 16, 2015 in Miami, Florida.

Here below she is saying hello and goodbye . She heard a noise in our apt and came down in her Dior robe to inspect our construction. Watch her sashay away a la RuPaul... this is the kind of neighbour everyone should have!

We continue to celebrate Paola in Grand Style. Below are snap shots from her last Bday Party with our Italian Gang (Banda Italiana).

La Banda Italiana 



Una delle più belle pagine della mia vita.Per 20 giorni è stata un’esperienza fantastica.Ti Ricorderò per Sempre.Grazie Paola

Santino Lenzi

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Aver Conosciuto Paola , è stato un Grande Onore.Una donna Eccezionale.Momenti di vita Indimenticabile .


May she rest in love, glamour & light! Truly a remarkable woman…she will surely be missed by all who knew her! Blessed be her beloved Italia! ♥️🙏🏼😘 🇮🇹

Amarilys Robles

This Unique and spirited glamorous lady with a great zest for life, will be missed . Thanks for sharing.

jolanda marini

Sooo Beautiful, Thomas. We all will miss her dearly.


A wonderful story and life, May she be blessed and I am sure she will live in the minds of all who knew her.

gary carman

What a colourful lady !! You are so blessed to have had her in your life Michou!!
Hope to meet you too one day soon 😊🥰


Bellissima Contessa !! Auguri!!

Alba M pickering

Such a heartwarming and wonderful story! Viva l’Italia!❤️❤️❤️


Such a delightful escape reading this! Only wish I could quarantine with this lovely woman. And to dine under that exquisite chandelier.

Jennifer Critchfield

E viva l’Italia ❤️

Matteo TotemA_

What a beautifully told story! I enjoyed it beginning to end. It sheds so much light during our current coronavirus situation. I felt like I was right there—everything was described. Thank you.

Stephen Nguyen



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