Artist Sharon Berebichez is a Creature of Color Instagram: @Sharonbere

Artist Sharon Berebichez A Creature of Color

We are an online store selling barware, lighting & home accessories, a design company who are obsessed with color (see below photo)  we naturally gravitate to people who use color.

When we moved from NYC to Miami our dear friend Monica Nishi, a Miami “It Girl”, introduced us to artist Sharon Berebichez. Let us not get hung up on her last name “a la “ Buttigieg LOL…

Thomas Fuchs Fuchsia / Red Melamine Collection 

Sharon hails from Mexico City and reminisces about her father  taking her to Coyoacan, a Mexican town where artist and inspiration Frida Kahlo is from. She saw houses painted in every color imaginable which infused her soul to be attracted to color combined with her mother's native country of Guatemala and all their colorful embroidery.

Colorful Houses in Coyocan Mexico which served as inspiration 

Years later, moving to Miami from Mexico City she would be invited to people’s homes where the recurring decorative theme was dead coral being used as in home décor since Miami is a beach town and lends itself to coastal décor.

Her mind was working overtime to come up with  alternative  and equally beautiful solution. Taking her 3 daughters to the beach their beach frolic turned into beach clean-up. Picking up trash and plastic constantly. Becoming so aware of the environment and the dying coral reefs Sharon went into her studio and started creating.

 Sharon in her Studio

She created a collection of colorful sculptures named “Organic Collection”. Organic is made from a polyurethane material, semiprecious stones, fabric and a myriad of sequins and pins echoing the brilliant coral of our oceans bring into people’s homes while giving them an alternative to taking our precious corals out of the sea.


 Coral on the Sand on Miami Beach

As Oprah says "Attention Goes Where Energy Flows".  Sharon has a myriad of work ranging from her "Chairs" to Portraits", however, it is her Organic sculpture series that has resonated the most with everyone so much so that former Art & Collection Manager for The Frost Science Museum , Kevin Arrow (now Exhibitions and Project Manager at Museum of Contemporary Art ) swiped across Sharon's work where else but on Instagram. Arrow immediately gravitated toward sharon's Organic sculptures and tapped her to be the artist to collaborate on their Bioluminescence Exhibition. Kevin's ingenious idea of having Sharon create all her sculptures to glow in the dark proved to be the complementary match to highlight the museums bringing awareness to the magic coral in our oceans.

Sharon's Coral all lit up at Frost Museum of Science Bioluminescence 

I was so obsessed with Sharon's work we have chosen her as the next artist to highlight for our Thomas Fuchs Tavolo Dinner Series. At Christmas December 2019, as recent Florida residents,  I had an idea..... instead of hanging a standard Xmas Wreath on our front door I asked Sharon to custom make one in the colors of our 2020 Melamine Collection.

Custom Coral Xmas Wreath by Sharon Berebichez for Thomas & Michou

 Thomas Fuchs 2020 Melamine Collection

Until the next TFC Tavolo Dinner series post corona apocalypse we invited you  in the meantime to dream and maybe pick up a piece of your favorite sculpture (raging in price from $500 - $5000) and log on to our site and peruse our Melamine Collection available in 5 bright happy colors.


Sharon Berebichez Press:

Sharon has been featured in Mexico's Reforma NewsPaper and has exhibited at the Florence Biennale  , National Geographic , Editor / Art Curator Gabrielle HB Abada for L'Eventail and many more...

Reforma Newspaper Mexico

L'Eventail Magazine Belgium by Gabrielle HB Abada

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