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Cycling Instructor & Therapist 

Welcome to our ONLINE STORE  and blog. 

As a barware, lighting and home accessories design company, at Thomas Fuchs Creative we specialize in handmade goods. Every week we give you a behind the scenes look at the people, places and things that inspire us.

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As a small business we are always in awe of people who create and connect making them selves small business in their own right. Moreover its selling ones self and services versus having a tangible product to sell which is at times easier. 

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I met Sabrina Mautner when we moved to Miami from NYC. As one of the founding members of Equinox NYC I came in search of instructors that could meet the challenge and complexity of pushing ones self, be it after a night of fun, friends and food, into a Miami Tequlia sunrise. 

With Sabrina taking on the challenge of the Tour De France I took the opportunity to approach her for an interview as I was always in awe of her genuine connection to her students, her classes and her path. 

MICHOU:  What made you want to do the tour of France?

SABRINA: Definitely: The love I feel for for my husband. This is the story. In the search for a deeper and stronger relationship I started to evaluate ways to become a better wife to my husband. I believe, sharing a hobby is a way to connect and make unforgettable memories. My husband has been a cyclist for almost 20 years. Being that I love sports, I decided to start riding outdoor so I could spend a special time with my husband on a weekly basis, were we could connect through sharing his passion.

Sabrina & Husband

My journey as an outdoor cyclist started just recently, in January 2023, when I told my husband I wanted to travel to France with him to take the challenge of riding some stages of the Tour of France; and he said “Of course darling, you’d better start training”. And that’s exactly what I did! I got a trainer and since then It’s been 6 months of intense training What pushes me to take this challenge? My marriage! I’ve learned love and a healthy relationship requires commitment, daily nurturing, and I want to give to us through sharing his passion. Therefore: #challengeaccepted ❤️

MICHOU: What were some of your challenges in life that you had to over come?

SABRINA: I’ve been blessed with an amazing life! Of course I have faced some challenges as well. At age 19 my parents got divorced, and as a consequence I had to work really hard while attending school full time, to support myself economically to pay for college, earn a living and help my family financially. Then, 11 years ago I had to leave my country Colombia from one day to the next due to a life threat (possibly came from common delinquency). We had to pack our lives in 6 bags and leave everything behind.

The Couple On The Open Road

And most recently I faced the most severe crisis so far, but since this involves others I will keep it privately. However, an experience of chaos and crisis is always an opportunity to become creative and seek for new routes and solutions. I have learned to embrace my feelings through difficult moments and use them to evaluate ways to grow and learn from them, to become a better version of myself. We do not grow from the comfort and life is never static! The only way to grow is from facing challenging experiences that allow us to find new and brighter paths.

MICHOU:  As a therapist what is the similarity between your clients and characteristics that you see in both clients and students.

SABRINA: Clients, Students, Instructors … we all need a safe place to BE! To express our feelings, to connect to others, and most importantly to embrace our mind, body and soul! Exercising or attending weekly counseling are both excellent ways to improve our overall wellbeing! At the end, we are all in the search of health and happiness!

MICHOU:  Is being a therapist a help as a teacher and if so in what ways?

SABRINA: Absolutely!! I use my knowledge as a psychotherapist to take the class further from just a “training session”. In terms of musicality, I study music (each song) and the blocks of changes (every 32 pulsations there are elements introduced or taken away in a song) to use the energy to trigger specific feelings such as excitement, euphoria, happiness, motivation and peace among others. 
In terms of behavior and understanding that behavior is mimicked due to mirror neurons, I intend to carry my body and affect in a positive way by consistently smiling, keeping a proper posture of my body, and maintaining eye contact with each student.


Team Sabrina

I know everyones name!! Because I want to make sure that everyone knows that I care and that they are really important to me! I convey positive affirmations through the class reinforcing how strong we are and how powerful the mind can be! The quality of the thoughts defines reality, so the use of positive affirmations as well as abstaining from using sentences with negative connotations is really important! I teach so you can be #mentallyfit Finally, I intend to treat everyone with love and respect! 

MICHOU: Where do you tap into for inspiration

SABRINA: I get inspired by so many things!! By early mornings and the smell of coffee! I get inspired by music that makes me vibrate and move! I get inspired by the different cultures, religions and traditions of different countries! I get inspired by the immense love I feel for my husband and children! I get inspired by a smile! My students: their commitment, excitement and loyalty inspire me to be a better teacher every day!

Sabrina Leading Her Class To Victory

I get inspired by people who strive to make a positive impact and give to the community! Thankfully, I have learned to seek for the highlights and filter what adds a positive value to my life: therefore, I am consistently inspired by the most simple and little things! Thank you for interviewing me Michou, and as always: thank you for being part of my life!

Sabrina's path and intention always focused on the road ahead prove we are all from different countries, different background, different cultures creeds and persuasions but we all have one united personal dream. Stop this weekend and look around and realize everyone walking around you in-front of you behind you in the car next to you all have a dream. Lets smile and support everyone's dream just like Sabrina supports mine 3 days a week and all the silent in-between times ( the hours in the early morning trying to book her class LOL, JJAJJAJAJ) .


Everbody's got a Dream - Pretty Woman-1990


Have a great weekend,



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