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Article: Stefan Beckman's Lateral Objects serve a Longitude of Summer Style

Stefan Beckman's Lateral Objects serve a Longitude of Summer Style

Stefan Beckman's Lateral Objects serve a Longitude of Summer Style

Designer / Creative Director Stefan Beckman

Welcome to our online store and blog.

Each week we give you a behind the scenes look at the people, place and things that inspire us.

This week we introduce you to Stefan Beckman. We initially met Stefan via head of Barneys NY's Home Division Toni Russo who had the foresight to bring Stefan in to the store and curate things he loved along with his own line "Lateral Objects". Stefan choose our Thomas Fuchs 1/2 & 1/2 Melamine Collection  to fit in the pop up store in Barneys NY.

Beckman's Barneys Pop up w/ Thomas Fuchs Decor Melamine 

Stefan finds inspiration in everywhere and in everything. Originally from Texas he attended film school and subsequently became involved in set design and eventually grew from sets to show design to store concepts to ad campaigns and beyond. Think an American Fabien Baron of sorts.  

Beckman's Beach Towels that are Summer Irresistible 

Beckman, who’s been doing set design since the late Nineties, worked with Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections, to prepare the TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy International Airport for the brands’ cruise collection show. “Nicolas wanted to fill the space with plants and make it look like they took over the whole space,” Beckman said. “There were vines and plants everywhere, and we created a plant wall outside to make it feel like it was one world.”

Lateral Objects Graphic Beach Towels in the Hamptons 

Beckman’s career has evolved to include fashion shoots with photographers such as Steven Meisel. “I got a call from Marc Jacobs and started working with him on his shows,” Beckman said. “It started another part of my career. I want to do anything that’s creative and interesting, whether it’s a pop-up or a show or a shoot.”

 Colourful Drinking Glasses to Quench Your Summer Thirst


Before chatting on the phone with him I had in my head that he was German I would walk around our "corona" home office referring to him and saying his name in a German accent "STEFAN BECKMAAANNN" lol only to find out he is as all American as they could get. 

Where Art Imitates Life, Miami Beach's Life Guard Station and Beckman's Drinking Glass

I asked him if Europeans were amused that he was an American and yet be so creative, I recounted how when I was the Global Brand Director for Takashimaya and Remy Martin I had taken Thomas (Fuchs) to meet with Baccarat , Christofle and other legendary brand and how shocked they were that they loved Thomas' designs for them being Thomas is American, Stefan politely reassured me that there are many talented Americans then I suddenly remembered I was married to one LOL. How polite of him.


Shade yourself from the Sun and Dry off with Lateral Objects Beach Towels

I asked how he came up with the name "Lateral Objects" he explains that "Lateral" refers to a side hustle meaning he can have various projects but this would run alongside anything he was doing and Objects refers to wanting to remain open and not pigeon holing him to having to design any particular genre.

His love for colour and graphics is no wonder why he gravitated to using our Thomas Fuchs Decor Melamine Collection in his Pop up at Barneys NY. We in turn are huge fans of his Beach Towels and have been waiting patiently for the Miami Hurricane Season to end for our photoshoot but could not wait any longer! We toast Stefan Beckman ( in Thomas Fuchs Barware of course) on his vision his style and his genius of continually thinking out of the box. 

Stefan Beckman's Summer Pop Up Store is a MUST VISIT 

Lateral Objects at Bellport General

138 South Country Road 

Bellport NY, 11713




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