Married to the Manor - Lady Dawn Russell's 8 Greens & Our Melamineware !

Former New Yorker now English Aristocrat Lady Dawn Russell


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Twice a week usually on Monday's and Friday's or maybe sometimes Tuesday's and Thursday's we give you a behind the scenes look at the people and places that inspire our brand and lifestyle and that live by the same ethos of healthy living, sustainable creation and love and ..... MOST important....laughter. 



This week we introduce you to Lady Dawn Russell, a former NY'er now english aristo, who has invented the speedy gonzales way to being healthy without having to think about it , I would say the NY'er part of her who figured out how to get the best quality and health in a New York minute and supply it to likes minded people in Europe and beyond!



One of the benefits of living "in the Time of Covid" is that it has made us more hands on with our small company and I am able to see every movement that happens behind the scenes.

Hence in the middle of the night as Thomas was commenting constructively ( of course I wanted to kill him) that the light from my phone was keeping him awake I was checking out who had just made a purchase at 2:45 am USA EST Time and when I saw the name Dawn Russell it immediately rang a bell and I googled and realized it was none other than former NY'er Dawn who married Lord James Russell to become Lady Dawn Russell.


Greens, Skin, Melon, Blood Orange

I sat down with her have a chat and ask her our speedy 3 questions.

Michou: How did you come up with 8 Greens

Lady Dawn Russell: 

I came up with these 8 greens the hard way, first hand illness. I had stage III cancer at age 25 and could not do chemo or radiation due to a bone infection. After researching and using every integrative medicine I could find, I went to the basics of life, nutrition. These eight greens were the first to not only stay in me, but bring me back to daily living. I could walk down a NYC block without feeling exhausted and nauseous.

My situation was obviously extreme, but it set me on a laser focused mission to get greens into all. Health should not be exclusive to gender, age, wealth, demographics. With only 13% of adults getting the minimum daily recommended amount of greens (CDC report July 2020), which is about a cup of greens, AND me experiencing firsthand the power of greens, I went through 264 prototypes to achieve a delicious, no sugar means of getting these greens. 


what is the difference between living in NYC and London that no one would know off the bat

Lady Dawn Russell: 

 In NYC you just say it like it is. In England, there is an understood level of etiquette or decency that sometimes we mad New Yorkers forget. Such as, I have never said “sorry” so much in my life until moving to London 20 plus years ago. One basically says it for anything in England where “sorry" in NYC has to be seriously, seriously deserved. 


based on our findings its less of a struggle finding healthy food in Europe, what are some secrets you have


Freshness and simplicity in cooking I find are the differences between America and Europe. They also go hand in hand. If food is fresh, one need not put much seasoning or cooking into it. For example, rape seed oil is mostly brought from Argentina to NYC, whereas in Europe they seem to be grown from across the village. Go local is key. 

M: Top 3 healthy restaurant pics in England off the beaten path ?

LDR:  Not healthy, sorry, but my favorite local is Osteria Basilica in Notting Hill. Pasta, pizza, fish that are not fancy but delicious The Petit Maison is more dressy but with absolutely top quality freshness. The Dining has outstanding sushi that is best to let the chef order for you. Just sit down and be surprised. It is a super tiny space so call ahead. 


M: How did you come across our brand 

LDR: Barneys NY !!!

 Lady Dawn Russell in front of the Manor and our TFC Melamine in the Kitchen

Our Thomas Fuchs Melamine Collection brighting up her Kitchen at the Manor


Lady Dawn Russell's Cookbook is a MUST Have! 

The 8G cookbook contains more than 40 delicious recipes that all incorporate this blend of greens to make everyday cooking taste fantastic and ensure that you, and those you love, are getting the most important green ingredients into your diet. It also features Dawn’s own inspiring story and the hard-earned knowledge she gathered along the way.

Diagnosed with stage 3 lymphatic cancer at 25, Dawn traveled the world meeting medical and nutritional experts on her journey back to health. It was this research and personal experience that led her to develop this mix of what she found to be the most important greens for internal health, but a family that didn’t want to drink ‘mom’s mixture’ to find the way to make it an easy, fun and tasty addition to normal life and cooking.

Dawn is on a mission to get more greens into everyone. The 8Greens Cookbook is the easy and delicious way to get everyone on the path to a green, happy and healthy life.

The Kit


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