Erin: The calming effect it has on me.  If I see it or hear it, a wave of calmness and serenity engulfs me. 

Michou: Is blue your favorite colour ?

Erin : Yes, but , white is also one of my favorite colors

Michou : What does the colour evoke for you ?

Erin: I have loved water (ocean, bay, river etc..) since I was a child.  It seemed like a natural evolution for my design practice- to embody what I hold most dear



Outdoor Dining by Erin Pitts with our Thomas Fuchs Melamine Plates

Michou: In the age of zoom are your clients able to grasp concepts over the net ?


Erin: I have done many zoom meetings and presentations over the last few months but I still provide them with all the physical samples as if we were meeting in person.  For example one COVID Zoom presentation in April... we delivered the design boards with all samples, the colored and rendered floor plans etc.. to the client’s front door and left them.  

They then brought them inside and referred to them during the Zoom presentation.  So, yes, they were able to grasp the concepts as they had all the things we typically bring to our presentation.  The only difference is I was not in the house with them.  I was in my office.


Outdoor Dining by Erin Pitts

Michou: Where do you want to travel post Covid?

I turn 50 next year and for 10 years I have been planning to go to Tahiti or Bora Bora for my 50th.  So assuming things are back to normal by then, that is where I would want to go

Michou: Dog 🐶  or cat 🐱 ?

Erin: Dog

Michou: Center aisle or window ?

Erin: Aisle - I hate being trapped by other people and can’t get out to use the restroom!

Michou: Name a international city of inspiration ?

Erin: Venice
Michou: Fav ice cream ?

Erin: Sea Salt Caramel


Gaming Area by Erin Pitts

Michou: Fav Caribbean island ?

Erin: there are so many I’ve not yet been to so that is hard to say.  Of the ones I have been to- Dominican Republic

Michou: What’s a similar trait that runs through all 3 of your kids ?

Erin: Genuine love of one another

Michou: Script or cursive 

Erin: Combo- not sure what you would call it

Michou: Sunrise or sunset 

Erin: Sunset

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