It is the combination of colors, texture and materials that creates poetry in a space. I select a theme from an inspiration piece and build on it by adding layers of colors and textures.

5. Give us 5 steps in putting together a mood board:

Selecting a color palate which is always based on my clients taste Inspiration which can come from a rug, piece of art or even fabric selection furniture style, hard materials if it is a renovation or new build. Selecting fabrics, wall coverings and

6. Favourite food? Chocolate covered strawberries

7. Next stop of travel you want to explore post covid: 

I want to go back to Puglia and explore. I have already been there but there are always new places to visit.

8. How was moving into a new apt during this time:

It was very challenging to move during Covid. Lead times were especially long for items that are usually in stock so I got creative and made more custom items for the space.  During Covid there is nothing more important than having a comfortable and functional home.

9. What inspires you the space or location? which comes 1st?

The space is what inspires me. When I first see a space I can immediately see what I want to do with the design. I will reflect on a location in the design if it is a specific location like the beach or mountains.

10. Give us some easy ways to update our design while all being stuck at home...ex. ours was reupholstering

While stuck at home I suggest adding pillows and accessories
to a space. You can create a new color theme and create a new style

for a space.

11. How do you choose flooring?

It is always important to look at a space and figure out what you will be doing in it. Look at your lifestyle. Is it a high traffic area where you need an indestructible material like porcelain tile or do you want a warmer feeling in a space with wood which is mire fragile. I always select a color palate for every project which includes flooring.

12. How do you make a kids room elegant while executing a theme in a kids room?

Most kids rooms are dictated by a favorite color , so it is easy to create a elegant space.

13. Your fav project thus far has been?

Every project is a new adventure. Cannot say that I have a favorite since I just love designing spaces.