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Article: 13 Questions- Rosie's Home

13 Questions- Rosie's Home

13 Questions- Rosie's Home

On Rosie Case’s Instagram account she describes herself as a “design obsessed Jersey Girl living in Texas” - we at Thomas Fuchs decor are forever in search of fans of our brand’s design ethos and ask them to pick a few of their favorite things.

Rosie was kind to take time out from her amazing blog to hang our plates and sit down for our Lucky 13 Questionnaire lending insight to her world and leaving you with a smile!
Rosie has chosen our hand carved skull marble dessert plates in the spirit of the season available for sale on our website. Our skull plates come in 5 different themes.
-Plain Skull 
Each of the plates is inlaid with mother of pearl and semi precious stones and look great on any table or used decoratively on a wall as shown in Rosie home!



How do you maintain a clean home that is so photogenic with having 2 kids? Are these pics of a home on your same lot that no one lives in ?

Ha! I can assure you that we live here! Most kid play happens upstairs or outside, so keeping things streamlined downstairs is a piece of cake. And speaking of cake, eating is only allowed in the kitchen if you are under 18!

What makes you gravitate to your color palette? Has this palette been historical with you or is this recent? 

I gravitate toward neutrals because they can be mixed and matched in every room in the house seamlessly. I can also get away with experimenting with different styles and shapes without everything reading too crazy! I do love particular blue, green and yellow. Every so often I experiment with throwing some in.

Do you think living in Texas has influenced your use of certain plants and decor, if so how?

As far as plants go, living in Texas has forced me to use faux boxwoods and things of that nature on my front porch, because the sun just beats down on anything living and kills it! I don't have much of a green thumb anyway, so it works out. I don't particularly feel influenced by my geographical location as far as decor is concerned, only that I have more room to store things here in the Lone Star State!

Are you constantly on the look out for more things ? if so what are the top sites you go to ?

I'm always looking! I love Charish and eBay, but I also love to physically be in a thrift or antique store. There's nothing like the thrill of uncovering something great.

Are you available for hire? do you do this for a living?

I am available for consulting!

Is your husband on board with your aesthetic ? Do you have full rein? We can't see any big flat screen TV anywhere that signals a hetero man living there LOL.

Ha! My husband is very much on board with my aesthetic, not that it's his. He has a very generous spirit when it comes to letting me express myself through the interiors of our home. He's an incredibly good sport, because I'm sure he would love to have a big ugly recliner!

Do you shoot all shots with your Iphone? if not what do you use?

I do! Only, it's an ancient Android.

Whats your most over used prop ( which would mean your fav prop)?

Possibly my pair of wooden cobras!

How has having lived in NYC influenced your style?

There are just so many cultural references to pull from, it's impossible not to be inspired. I think that I learned that anything goes.

If you were a flower which one would you be?

A rose darling...of course!

Form or function or both?

Form. Function is obviously fabulous too, but I am definitely guilty of choosing form first.

Is there a fav shade of white you love and if so what is it?

I absolutely love Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams. It's a non yellow creamy white that plays well with warm and cool tones.

Is that wallpaper in your dinning room de Gournay? 

It's not! It's from a Canadian company called Anewall



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