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Article: Candy Isn't Only For Kids

Candy Isn't Only For Kids

Candy Isn't Only For Kids

Thomas' love of color and glass is apparent in everything he dreams up. He is always quoted saying, “the magic is that one minute it’s sand and pigment, then suddenly it’s a solid form of glass!"



Our love of combining colors was inspired by all the countries to which we’ve traveled. It is amazing how color combinations influence countries, cultures and fashion; our fuchsia/red plates came into existence by my recollection of certain designs by the late great Yves Saint Laurent.


Thomas spoke about the magic of how we transformed simple glass rods into our iconic Murano drinking glasses……but we didn’t just stop there! We adjusted the Murano glass design and turned it into our beautiful Candy Floor Lamp.



You can pre order our Candy Floor Lamp or have it made in to a table lamp at

Candy Floor Lamp- $3400 



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