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Photographer Tony Kelly 


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Every Monday and Friday we take you behind the scenes to people and places that inspire us. As a barware and design company, we are enthralled and inspired by like-minded artists, and share their stories in hopes of drawing parallel lines of thought and design throughout time. This Monday we introduce you to Los Angeles photographer, Tony Kelly. 


 From top Left : Justin Beiber, Adam Levine, Bruno Mars, Scott Eastwood


Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1975, Tony cut his teeth as a photojournalist, capturing the burgeoning celebrity culture that sprung up in a city embracing a new found wealth. His voracious appetite for blue skies and sun-drenched panoramas drew him to Barcelona where he embraced the "street voyeur" within. Surrounded by cultural idiosyncrasies, his distinctive spin on daily life quickly became his quirky signature style.  


Tony Kelly's New Book "NOWHERE"

From the moment he landed in his first L.A. hotel room and swung open the curtains to reveal Sunset Boulevard, the city has been lodged in his heart and soul. As interviewed by writer Thomas Barrie for GQ , "I always try to capture a different angle, perhaps a road less travelled."


Hotel Chateau Marmont - by Tony Kelly 

In speaking to Tony it was apparent that the lockdown not only gave him the time to photograph the City of Angles at a standstill, but more importantly, it gave him the space to yearn over his beloved haunt ,  Hotel Chateau Marmont , where pre covid he would venture over to tickle the ivories of their legendary piano in the silence of the night. (As we all know, in the silence you can hear the whispers revealing the beauty in midnight's garden of truth of this ball of matter, mother Earth, floating in space...)

Through his music and the tutelage of film composer, maestro and teacher Jason Pelsey, Tony is able to reach the same depths of his soul expressed in his photographs, most beautifully portrayed in his new fine art photography book,  "NOWHERE" , a true love letter to Los Angeles. 


The Tarmac at LAX - NOWHERE by Tony Kelly 

When hearing Tony speak of his love for the piano and his relationship with photography, I am reminded of the parallel I have often heard, that of heart surgeons also being accomplished musicians. He revealed to me that Barry Manilow's Could it Be Magic" is inspired by Chopin, drawing the lines of math that connect all things of a certain mind, from the science of music to math, and his métier of photography.

Tony's Toy's - Photography Book 

This is Tony's third book. His first, TONY’S TOYS, was limited to 1,000 copies and sold exclusively in Marc Jacobs stores. His second publication, TAKEN!,  released in September 2016 and published by teNeues,  achieved critical acclaim and was described as the most entertaining photo book you’ll ever see.


Tony Kelly's "NOWHERE" A Book of Photography

Pour yourself a drink from our  handmade barware and sip away while you crack open "NOWHERE", a still frame capturing the beauty of Los Angeles in the time of COVID.  Everyone's love for Los Angeles  as said in the movie "Pretty Woman" is proof that dreams do come true in LA.

"Welcome to Hollywood, whats your dream, everybody comes here, this is Hollywood land of Dreams"

 NOWHERE - by Tony Kelly


Sky Vodka Ad Campaign

Tony remains highly-regarded by iconic brands and advertisers, from MAC Cosmetics and BMW to Louis Vuiton and Philip Plein. In 2017, his ad campaign for TNT’s Claws won him a coveted Clio award

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