Iraida Castillo Shows Us How To Set A Fall Table



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Every Monday and Friday we take you behind the scenes as to people and places that inspire us. This Friday we invite you to meet Iraida Castillo a Miami resident with style where each dinner party is a feast for the eyes with themes and tastes that between her table decor skills and her husband Robert's cooking its a slam dunk ( often drunk , lol )  of an evening .

We are part of the mutual fan club as you will see as you scroll down and if you follow our Insta you will have seen her Japanese Themed Sushi DInner Party with none other than our Thomas Fuchs Melamineware in Ivory / Navy. 

We sat down with Iraida and asked her to walk us through layering a table and give us hints as to how to create a table with so much style by combining what you have at home and some fun elements from national retailers such as Bed Bath Beyond, Michael's Art Supply and a few others.

Michou: Iraida Thank You so much for inviting us to your Fall Soiree

Iraida: We love Fall as its the 1st Day of Fall be it in the middle of the week we wanted to celebrate and what better to celebrate humidity in Miami coming to an end than with a dinner with Fall colors , gourds and pumpkins

Michou: Please walk us through the steps of your stunning Fall Table , I will hyperlink all the products so our readers can access all the items you have used


Step 1: Pick your Seating Strategically. I usually separate all couples so that they are able to speak to other people and seat them next to persons that I feel they would be sympatico with , either in personality or career or mutual interests


Step 2: I found these amazing ceramic pumpkin soup bowls at Bed Bath Beyond which I filled with my fav  butternut squash soup  recipe. I layered it by placing our rattan placemats to lend texture and dimension pairing it with our china with a fall floral decal all different shades of orange


Step 3: I found these great hand embroidered napkins "EAT"  at everyone favorite  Home Goods  and the napkin rings at Pier One Imports , but if you live in the north this is the perfect time of year to go out and get some sprigs from the garden and just make a small mound and lay your napkin on it 


Step 4: I think all tables need dimension, I found these wreaths of large green leaves at Michael's Art Supply and combined them with a string of small silver tumbleweed balls and pinecones from the garden


Step 5: I love Owls and I think Owls, help get us into a Fall mood - I fell in love with these Owl chair covers that lend a bit of whimsy to the table. I picked these up from the website Gradin Road


 Step 6:  Place a center arrangement that ties the colors of the them in. Stand back and admire the amazing "Fall Table" you created 


Step 7: Pour yourself a drink before the guest arrive in your Thomas Fuchs Barware of course. Your skull collection is the highest form of Skull Theme Fall / Halloween Bar Cart accessories that one can enjoy. They also great for hostess gifts for this more than perfect season !



Michou: Iraida thank you for always being the perfect "Hostess with the Mostest" and we are in gratitude for you always being such a fan of Thomas Fuchs Home Accessories !



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