Long Live The Peacock Chair - Billboard Magazine Cover w/ JLO & Maluma

Maluma & JLo on the cover of Billboard Magazine 2020


Welcome to our online store and blog. As a Barware company we toast the week behind and "The Weekend" and the week ahead !

Each Friday and Monday we invite you behind the scenes to people, places and things that inspire us. This Friday we were inspired by Maluma and JLo on the cover of this month's Billboard Magazine cover and the history behind the "Peacock Chair" Maluma is seated in.

Al Di Meola, Dorothy Moore, Larry Gatlin, and Funkadelic each sat on a peacock wicker chair for their 1970s album covers.

With my multi ethnic background and upbringing in Jamaica I remember cleary when my mom had bought the Julio Iglesias Lp "Amor" ("Love"). Between being intoxicated by a handsome spaniard on the cover and the "Peacock Throne" he was seated in sent me into outer space. 

What American's and Westerners have not touched up on is the REAL origin of the "Peacock Throne" . From the Mughal Emperors in India to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi "Shah Han Shah"the elegance and power this seat evokes is legendary. 


Julio Iglesias Album Cover "Amor"

The golden age of album cover design doesn’t have a specific start and end date, but many regard the late 1960s to 1970s as one of the field’s most exciting times. From the psychedelic rock covers of the ’60s to the glistening airbrush covers of the ’70s, the era was a kaleidoscope of colors worthy of placement in modern art museums.


But there’s one genre of cover so ubiquitous it almost flew under the radar. The covers typically featured a wide shot of the artist sitting on a throne-like wicker chair, like a king or queen.

Usually the artist looked casual and relaxed; sometimes props would sit around them to decorate the scene. No matter what, the oversized woven chair was the main feature. This was the peacock chair album cover, and it was everywhere.

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Have a great weekend ! and VOTE VOTE VOTE (for Biden/ Harris LOL)


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What a fabulous blog post! I had a peacock chair in our office that the fiancé made me get rid of… I so wished I had it now after reading this! Thank you, Michou, for always giving us the best content! Have a beautiful weekend, Tara

Tara Solomon October 17, 2020

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