Citco Founder Camiran along with Ca' d'Oro Gallerist Gloria Porcella  & Thomas Fuchs

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This week we introduce you to Camiran Rasool and his company Citco which is behind some of the greatest design and designers in hand carved marble sculpture, structure and furniture. An introduction made by globally renown gallerist Gloria Porcella lead to Camiran attending a "Thomas Fuchs Tavolo Dinner."

Camiran is the "Genie" behind every renown architect, product and  interior designer. His techniques have launched 1000 dreams and inspired countries and populations in person on video and in print. 

Salone del Mobile 

Pre covid-19  at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Italian natural stone company Citco showcased beautiful and elegant pieces for two new collections within its Citco Design and Citco Privé lines.

Citco has collaborated with world renowned designers with expertise in architecture and design to create stunning luxury pieces that charmed and brought elegance to all environments. These collections are another example of Citco’s expert ability to create extraordinary designs from high quality marble. 

The 2019 collection showcased 5 remarkable new pieces created with highly advanced techniques with the collaboration of British sculptor Anish Kapoor, Italian architect Marco Piva and emerging Italian designer Fabrizio Bendazzoli. Citco has also partnered again with Zaha Hadid Design and Arik Levy to create exquisite new pieces.

Anish Kapoor's Oval Table 

Oval Table has been created by world renowned artist Anish Kapoor for Citco Design collection. Made in granite and in onyx, the natural patina and materiality of the stone creates a surface and form that permeates a sensual physicality. The central recess of the table iterates Kapoor’s pre-occupation with the sublime space of the void, whilst its scale positions it on the threshold of functional object, landscape and sculpture.

Marco Piva's Magic Cave

Magic Cave by Marco Piva is a stone sculpture that envelops and generates water, taking its inspiration from underground caves. The stunning bath and shower creates a curve line that wraps around itself creating an environment conceived to welcome, protect and regenerate the body through a delicate shower or a jet that flows into the tub at the base.

Fabrizio Bendazzoli's Somma Light Table

Somma Light Table is a new lamp designed in collaboration with the emerging Italian designer Fabrizio Bendazzoli. This piece comprises of two sections: an arched frame that acts as an LED light source and a matching solid inner panel that allows the light to be directed to suit one’s preferences. Somma Light Table can enhance the atmosphere of the most luxurious environments, not only in its varied display of light, but also thanks to its elegant aesthetic qualities.

Arik Levy's Pelago Table

Citco has collaborated once again with Zaha Hadid Design and Arik Levy. Zaha Hadid Design has created a new table called Pelago that will be an extension of the already known Mercuric collection. This beautiful piece takes inspiration from the costal rock formations carved by the sea and mirrors the logic and coherence of natural forms.

Arik Levy's Vortex Table

Arik Levy has created Vortex, a functional sculpture with a dominant presence that is inspired by the powerful energy of a vortex. Its tabletop suggests a concentration of energy, flow and dynamics by the spiral movement that moves towards the foot. The base twists and spins around its axe to become a kinetic sculpture that appears to the eye to be in movement.

Thomas Fuchs' Remains Skull Solid Marble Champagne Bucket


Thomas (Fuchs) love for hand carved Mukrana Marble  (above image) from the same quarry used to build the Taj Mahal , one of the great wonders of the world and greatest testament to love  from a king to his queen, leaves us in awe of Camiran's work and look forward to collaborating with this current legend. 


I invite you to dream big this week!



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