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Article: DIY #Hand-painted Linoleum Floors with our "BFF" Benjamin Moore

DIY #Hand-painted Linoleum Floors with our "BFF" Benjamin Moore

DIY #Hand-painted Linoleum Floors with our "BFF" Benjamin Moore


Welcome to our online store and blog.

Twice a week we invite you to a behind the scenes look at things, people and places that inspire us. This week we feature our DIY project with our "BFF" Ben Moore (Benjamin Moore Paints).

Thomas and I own a small Beach Bungalow 45 mins outside NYC on the Jersey Shore. We escape there every weekend.  Its a direct shoot from 72nd St.  & CPW st on the Upper West Side . Our small abode was featured on the cover of the NY Post (click this link ).

When we bought the home it had the most horrendous linoleum flooring. So we decided as a home design company , and respectable gay men , we would paint the floors because pulling up a floor in a home from the 1920's was too much of an unexpected surprise so we hopped in our  beach Jeep Wrangler and headed to our local Benjamin Moore retailer. 

Below are the following steps you need to follow to look glam and have your friends family and editors (lol) give you the "oooh là là  effect" . If you are like us you need a 3rd party DIY'er , not sure if that is even a word, join you as a handy helper and referee if you get in creative spats along the way .

I usually tell Thomas what to do and he moans and then takes full credit at the end typical of all husbands. We enlisted Thomas' cousin Debbie Harner to join the team, as she is always up for a DIY project, being an art teacher and all.

Step 1. Choose a design : we chose our #Murano #handblownglass #drinking Glass form our collection (click glass to see the collection) matching the colours in
our drinking glass with Benjamin Moore colours :

Fresh Olive


Early Spring Green




Evening Blue
Step 2: stop at your local  Benjamin Moore  pick up outdoor deck paint to be used inside base on kitchen traffic / wear and tear

Low Sheen (N122)

Step 3: Paint floor white, start taping floor

Step 4: Paint line by line - make sure to enlist cousin Debbie on all projects we can supply her contact info (LMAO)


Step 5: Review lines taped

Step 6: Continue Taping Till Your knees are throbbing and your hands hurt 

Step 7:  Leave over night then peel tape off very gently line by line

Step 8: Apply 1st layer of high gloss polyurethane let sit over night

Step 9: Paint a total of three coats of polyurethane

High Gloss (422)

Step 10: Have our Beagle Frida inspect all flooring and give approval

Step 11: Match floors with your custom color - Thomas Fuchs Creative #handblownglass #muranoglass #chandelier

Finished Look as seen in NY Post Cover Article 

Laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, utility closets and entry ways that are covered in worn linoleum can be painted to create a fresh, modern and stylish space. Generally, professionals don't recommend painting linoleum, but do- it-yourselfers scoff at this notion.

They've found much success when they follow a solid plan for prepping the vinyl flooring before they put down the first coat of paint.

With the right techniques, materials and a lot of patience, a dull expanse of linoleum flooring can be made over into a gleaming, gorgeous and stylish design element for your home.

Pros and Cons of Painting Linoleum

Once cleaned, repaired, painted and sealed, the linoleum makes for a great canvas for other flooring options, such as engineered wood, hardwood boards, stone or ceramic tiling or laminate wood flooring.

When done correctly, a painted linoleum floor can last for years. You will need to maintain the painted and sealed surface with gentle cleaners. Also, be careful of scraping furniture or heavy appliances across the paint job if you want to keep it pristine for as long as possible.

But linoleum doesn't accept paint very well and tends to collect grime and grease, making it even more difficult for paint to adhere to the surface.

Painting linoleum floors as a home improvement project is time consuming, and requires a few steps, several days and a laundry list of tools and materials to complete. It may not last for many years to come, but the results can be considerable and completely change a room's overall feel until a more expensive and durable flooring option is available.

Choosing Paint for Linoleum

Choose a primer that can cover any dark designs on the vinyl flooring, as well as accept the top coat of colored paint without altering the hue. Rustoleum linoleum paint can smoothly be applied and stand up to heavy traffic.

Once you have chosen a color and sheen, test the paint on the sanded linoleum before you take on the entire project. Not all linoleum is created equal, and may not accept the paint well even after all the hard work you've done to prep the vinyl flooring.

Get Ready to Clean Linoleum

Whether the linoleum flooring is a few months or decades old, it will need a serious scrubbing before you begin to prime it for paint. This can be the most labor-intensive part of painting linoleum flooring, so be prepared. A simple swish with a damp mop and mild dish soap-and-water solution alone won't cut it.

After cleaning, you will also want to go over the linoleum with water to remove any cleaning residue. The floor needs to be completely dried and clean of dust and grease before you put down that first layer of primer. Use a commercial cleaner to save yourself some elbow grease when working with linoleum that is thick with globs of old grease or a layer of grime.

TriSodium phosphate is inexpensive and cuts through decades of grime and grease. Use this after scrubbing the floor with soap and water for a thoroughly clean surface that will accept the primer well. If the floor is not thoroughly clean, the paint may buckle, bubble or peel once it is dry.

Materials Needed to Paint Linoleum

Gather all of your needed supplies before you roll on the first layer of primer. When working with wet materials, it's best not to stop to retrieve a rag or roller. This can cause discoloration or unsightly streaks in the work.

To complete the painting project, you will need latex primer, paint, painters tape, paint rollers and brushes, rags to wipe up overlaps or drips of paint, and caulk for tears, rips or tiny holes in the linoleum flooring. You will also need sandpaper in 80- and 120- and 220-grit sheets and an orbital sander if working with large spaces.

How to Clean the Flooring

Remove all of the items on the floor, such as washer or dryer, furniture, portable kitchen islands or any large items. It's best to paint the entire expanse of flooring and not work around hulking appliances. By removing all objects and painting the entire expanse of linoleum, you reduce the risk of the paint chipping or peeling next to vibrating, warm or moveable workspaces or appliances.

Once the room is cleared, wash down the linoleum with soap and water, then finish with a commercial cleaner. After the linoleum has dried, at least after an hour or overnight, the linoleum is ready to be sanded. Sanding is the final step before the primer can be put on top of the slick flooring material.

Stone Painting Techniques for Linoleum

A stone floor is variegated, with different natural shades blending across a series of tiles. Painting a vinyl floor to look like stone requires a sponge and two paint colors.

Work across the vinyl flooring in large swaths of one color and sponge on a lighter or darker shade of the paint color around the edges of each square. Blend the painted edges into the main color, working from the outside toward the center of the linoleum square. Then, gently dab a lighter color around the center of the tile to give a mottled stone appearance. Be gentle and don't crowd the lighter colors.

To make tiled linoleum pop, paint the lines around each tile to look like sandy grout.

Techniques for Painting Linoleum

To dress up a drab expanse of linoleum, you can use large floor stencils or block off geometric patterns with painter's tape. It's an easy process to stencil a linoleum floor and can open up a small space, such as a laundry room, or add dimension to a large, square space, such as a one-wall kitchen design.

Before you begin to stencil a linoleum floor, plot the design with paper. Lay down templates of the stenciled design you have in mind and take a step back to consider if it works for the space. Small stencils on large floors can become lost or look haphazardly placed if not done correctly.

For geometric patterns, use a chalk measuring tape to snap the lines into place before laying down the painter's tape. These are easily erased and adjusted as you plot the angular design across the linoleum. For small spaces, alternating light and dark colors in measured rows can bring depth and a surprise design element to an otherwise bland but functional room.

How to Prep Clean Linoleum

After cleaning and repairing the linoleum thoroughly, you are ready to rough it up. For best results, allow the floor to dry after sanding and cleaning, rolling on the primer, and finally after the paint and top coat have been applied.

Sand the linoleum with the 220-grit paper until the shine is gone. Go over rough patches or repairs that are bumpy with the 80- or 120-grit paper by hand. Wipe down the entire area to remove any sanding residue and allow to dry.

Roll the primer on with rollers you would use for the wall. Paint in even, wide strokes across the expanse of flooring from one corner toward an exit. Let this dry overnight or at least four hours before applying the paint.

Painting Linoleum Floors

Roll the paint onto the floor in wide, even strokes. If working with a pattern, it is best to apply each color at one time. Allow to dry before adding a second coat.

Once the paint is dry, apply a top coat or sealant to create a durable surface. Allow to dry for 24 hours before placing appliances or furniture on the painted surface.

The DIrect Link To the DIY is here


Absolutely fabulous idea, absolutely fabulous products, absolutely fabulous YOU! Love you guys and all the beauty you create and surround us with, everyday! Thank you for the inspirations … ♥️

DP Trezza

This is spectacular!! How can we get this done at our gallery for certain exhibitions? Bravo!

Sergio Cernuda

Great idea, really came out awesome!


So beautiful and unique. Every time I visited, I marveled at what T and M did, so daring and original.

Sean Mosher-Smith

What an inspiring and creative way to transform space or cover an unsightly floor.
Trying this with my fashion forward clients ASAP!


I am totally blown away by this! This looks absolutely gorgeous and I’m so excited to try it on my first house.

Clint Henderson

So talented and creative. It doesn’t get any better !


Beautiful and unique color combination! Fantástico!!!

Tania Mercante

I actually had the pleasure of seeing this process live.. This floor was a show stopper, it changed everything about the space. It was not only creative but beautifully functional, everything Thomas and Michou did to make this little home was awe inspiring . Its no surprise it was photographed so often.. Their home have always been an extension of their creativity.. Did I mention how cool the floor was ?


What an incredible idea to revive existing flooring! The color combination is very creative and sheik

Lauren Peris

I simply love it! It looks great
Amazing color combination: bravo!!!!

Cristina Preti

I simply love it! It looks great
Amazing color combination: bravo!!!!

Cristina Preti

I love it!! Looks amazing! That would be fun to try.

Matthew OConnor

Amazingly beautiful concept .


I love the look of hand painted tiles but you’ve figured out how to skip the install and repurpose in the most beautiful way! What a great idea for home diy on a budget. Chic and glamorous. I love that you used the pattern on one of the Murano glasses as inspiration. Can you two come decorate for me??!

Alison S

Congratulations for such a great idea..! It looks amazing


Fabulous! More incredible things from Thomas and Michou – this makes me want to try this!

Jonathan Shaw

Love this idea can’t wait to try this on my floor. The magic of paint on a floor is so inspiring and of course Michou and Thomas came up with this awesome idea!

Amber Clapp

Wowww!!! Didn’t know these floors had a second life!!! Love the colors!


Wow! Amazing colors from the chandelier down to the floor. Every detail considered. Love it!


Absolutely beautiful! In love with the talent and colors!

Ivette I. Goizueta-Mendes

Amazing transformation, I love the colors and the stylish design!


So cool, love it!

Andrew Kevorkian

What an amazing work! I love the colors and how it completely change the feeling of the place!!!!!
Just perfect😍

Catherine Friedman

What an amazing job. I loveee this project. The color selection was absolutely perfect and if I could I’d do so many rooms in my house with these technique. Can’t wait to see what other projects are done!

Derrek R

This is a really cool idea! Brilliantly original.


AWESOME!! What a great idea to bring a floor to life!

Justin Cox

WOW 👏 I can’t believe linoleum can receive paint! The work of art on that floor is sheer creative genius- that kitchen is breathtaking – but so is your Chic table top business – I love the lifestyle blogs you post so much! Thank you 💙💋

kristin guttroff

Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve found my next DIY project.

Lane Green

Stunning. Gorgeous. What an incredible enhancement to your home! I love the unexpected pattern on the floor. And the mash up of creativity is perfect harmony.

Krista Bucaro

Great idea! Looks amazing and can’t wait to try it!


Super creative, great way to add elements of design and color into a space!


Absolutely beautiful!


Absolutely beautiful!


Love the idea!! Amazing colors.. congrats!!!


How creative! Love this project!!

Mike Smith

Great look and is a piece of art. The painted floor is completely enhanced. Aesthetically looks very pleasing and welcoming environment for the people using the space. Congratulations great work. 💥💫

Monica H.

Thank you so much for sharing. The concept is amazing and absolutely love the result. Can you come do it at my house!

Alessandra Baldeschi

Love the concept and colours, juste divine. Good idea to my camping Tiny House.

Teresa Botica

Love this project!!

Janet Mercel

I love the idea to make it by ourselves, it looks beautiful! Would love to try..;-)

De Jamblinne

I think Thomas and Michou found their calling in colour when they worked with glass and ceramic . It is not the colour but the positive mood and healing they create through colour . It also represents them positive and happy people . I always go with their work in my homes and life to bring a positive well being to my Day to day life . Thank you Thomas and Michou for making it possible . Lots of love and keep on painting with all colours to lift our lives

Arjun Natu

Woaw , i really love it !
The colors are amazing . It s really new , it change immediately the character of the room . I want this in my new kitchen .

Alexandra Bronckaers

Fabulous! Always love the colors and combinations you use. Inspiring to see it adapted to interior design. Thanks

Frank Everett

Amazing design. I can’t believe it’s hand painted. Great color combination and pattern. Thanks for the inspiration

Alex Chavez

To die for- so chic, and loved loved the samples! Livens a space with drama and yet so functional.

Hanut Singh

This concept, execution, and result is mind blowing!! This company always inspires me to think creatively and push my internal limits!! Thank you @thomasfuchscreative for always bringing incredible ideas to the forefront!! More please!!

Alyse Ardell Spiegel

I looooove this!!!!


Wow! That is absolutely amazing! Great work.


Brilliant idea.

Andrea Ballerini

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