Lalanne Chez Moi, L'oiseau, 1979, Daum 

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This week we take you on a virtual trip from Paris to New York  for a preview of the upcoming, December 7th 2022,  auction of François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne at Christies.

Being married to Thomas (Fuchs) a product designer in his own right, my appreciation of sculpture is effortless as breathing in air. Masters such as Giacometti, Bernard Buffet and Lalanne show the depth and span of our combined aesthetic.


Gorille de Sûreté

Growing up in Jamaica my mother was always fascinated by animals. I loved hearing the birds in the trees every morning and she would look up and show me the beauty of the tree and its growth and show me all the birds then have me look them up in the National Geographic Encyclopedias (yes we are that old).

Pomme de Ben

She was so taken by the birds while on a trip to France my father bought her a "Bird" as a gift to start what he thought would be a collection. The rarified bird ended up being the one in the photo above none other than a Lalanne sculpture. 

Fontaine aux Oiseaux de Williamsburg

With the joy of being able to sit at ones desk or be stopped at a traffic light I saw that Sothebys has an upcoming series of auctions from the Collection of Dorothée Lalanne, daughter of François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne, the legendary couple famous for their sculptures of nature and animals.


A Few Pieces From The Collection 

The sale presents a remarkable number of iconic unpublished works by François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne with wonderful provenance. The fact that they all come from Dorothée Lalanne’s own personal collection makes the selection even more special.

Sothebys Dinner Pre Auction November 3rd 2021 in Paris 

Not only is the upcoming sale in New York so rare, but, if you follow Marine Hartogs on Instagram you are able to get a peak of the dinner they had in Paris at last years sale at Sotheby's  (dinner shown here in above photo)


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