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Freehand Hotel Miami Beach

This week we whisk you away to a Miami Beach landmark for a night of dancing at The Freehand Hotel, formerly known as the Indian Creek Hotel which is an excellent example of historic preservation and adaptive reuse.

The Pool

The property is an amalgamation of four existing classic Miami Beach buildings and the addition of a fifth building to house the new restaurant’s kitchen. The development’s vision was to leave the site as is and to transform the cluster of existing buildings into a chic /maud  21st century hostel with a Key West feeling where Hemingway would escape to in a modern day.

The Eagle Room

The restaurant makes a double use of the tranquil open landscaped site with the addition of various tropical fruit trees and a roof deck on top of the kitchen pavilion to grow fresh greens and herbs. The result is a fresh and innovative “cast away” urban beach farm commune.

The Eagle Room Bar

Floating above the pool discreetly tucked away is "The Eagle Room". Cado (Cadogan) Abada, son of French Olympic Pole Vaulter Patrick Abada and renown Art Curator / Gallerist Gabrielle HB Abada, left Monaco's Olympic Team to follow his own dream of deejaying.


Cado on the Turn Tables 

By day Cado works in the art world following in his grandmothers and mother's footsteps and by night he spins gold on the turn tables. His music aesthetic can be described as Euro tracks combined with old school music with lyrics with a back beat of the current music vibe with a combination of comparisons to Steve Aoki, Marshmello to David Guetta, Cado has been able to brand his succinct style as fresh and innovative. 

Poolside Dining Under Miami Lights 

The Freehand Hotel Group has gold in its hands and should trademark their hotel group which spans from New York, Los Angeles to Chicago and Miami with the new vibe of DJ Cado. 

The hotel project received a Dade Heritage Trust Preservation Award in 2017 for Adaptive Use and Renovation of Historic Buildings. Stop by for a drink on Thursdays where the crowd is as pretty as the drinks taste and the music takes you on journeys from Miami to Monaco and beyond all journeys DJ Cado knows too well. 

 Have a Great Weekend and be sure to check out DJ Cado's next gig!




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The vibe was Unique & perfectly translated in this blog .
Thank you mich’ for the love.

Gabrielle A December 07, 2022

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