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Article: Just Jack 2020 - Cooking w/ Self Taught - YouTuber Extraordinaire - Junior Chef Jack Attack

Just Jack 2020 - Cooking w/ Self Taught - YouTuber Extraordinaire - Junior Chef Jack Attack

Just Jack 2020 - Cooking w/ Self Taught - YouTuber Extraordinaire - Junior Chef Jack Attack

Jack Higgins AKA Chef Jack Attack on Youtube

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While we all can say "I know what you did last Summer" perhaps what you didn't know is there is a storm brewing on a youtube kitchen stove with a personality to boot. As we know behind every successful parent there usually is a child in the background who is growing in the light, encouragement and support their parents are showering on them.

This is true for Wendy Williams Show producer Suzanne Bass and husband Wendy Williams Show Stage Manager Brendan Higgins. Both celebrities and personalities in their own right its not surprising right under them are their sons "Chef Jack Attack" as known on his Youtube Channel and Master Lego Wonder Pete Higgins.

The Higgins live in Forest Hills NY and love their neighbourhood and more than anything Chef Jack Attack  is able to visit his favourite haunts to pick up fresh produce,  meats at his butcher and seafood.  I sat down with Jack ( Parents and brother in the background) for a Top Ten (a la David Letterman Old School) to gain some insight and some great cooking tips. 

DISCLAIMER: Jack LOVES his Salad Set Thomas Fuchs Melamineware and uses it in his kitchen ! HA!

Question & Answers:

Michou: Which is most interesting to you to cook: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Chef Jack Attack: Dinner, I love cooking a great steak for dinner and truly feel if the quality of your meat is A Grade then you don't necessarily need a starch maybe just a vegetable. Dad (Brendan) and I love to walk over to our local Butcher Metro Meat Market the owner Mitch and his colleague Pete take such great care of us and have been a great learning tool for me

Metro Meat's Owner Mitch with Coworker Pete and Chef Jack & Brother Pete


 I love to get My fresh produce from Angie's Market which is also in my neighbourhood

Michou: You are now 12yrs old, when do you think you 1st became interested in food

Chef Jack Attack: I remember exactly when it all began around 9yrs old or 10 yrs old I loved watching Buzz Feed and Tasty Challenges where they make celebrity recipes

Tasty YouTube Celebrity Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Challenge

M: Who are some of your biggest influences

CJA: Besides my Father (Brendan) who started me off for my love of food and cooking , Mom loves to eat everything and tons of cheese but doesn't know how to cook, I love Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare and Master Chef

M: What would be your dream destination to travel for food be it in the USA or out of the country

CJA: Italy, I typically don't like to travel, I know its weird, but I would LOVE to go to Italy for the food, if local we as a family LOVE LOVE LOVE the Montauk Clam Bar

M: Do you watch any of Aunt Wendy's Cooking Segments , if so any one in particular that stands out

CJA: When I stay home from school on a "sick day" , 10am is a religious time for me I will watch her and love seeing all the cooking segments! I just LOVE all of them!

M: Any cook books for kids who share the same interests as you at an early age or any direction we can point their parents towards?

CJA: I love reading Master Chef Junior Cook Book

M: Tell me what are the fav things your Mom, Dad & Pete love

CJA: Mom well as I said she will eat everything and anything but she LOOOOOVVEESSS Cheese , since they both work in NYC Mom will stop at Murray Cheese Shop in NYC and pick up some goodies before heading home, Dad fav thing is Lobster and when we are in town we go to Angies as well for seafood but his all time fav is The Clam Bar in Montauk .

Pete by baby brother LOVES Sushi omg its his all time fav and we love it to so we all go to Akio Sushi here in Forest Hills its a hole in the wall but what QUALITY and he loves escargot too he is fancy that way my parents take us to Rowdy Hall when we are in East Hampton

Akio Sushi in Forest Hills

The Clam Bar 

The Rowdy Hall Famous Pete's Escargot


M: and Chef last but certainly not least where do you go for dessert

CJA: Well Michou funny you should ask... Eddies Sweet Shop the Oldest Ice Cream Parlor in NYC! but before you head over to Eddies scroll down and be sure to check out my latest Video I did below 

Eddies Sweet Shop The Oldest Ice Cream Parlor in NYC


M: Well Chef Jack Attack, as they say on set "It's a Wrap" (see video below and link to Chef Jack Attack's YouTube Channel


YouTube Chef Jack Attack makes Pan Seared Sole on a bed of Arugula


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