The link between Fortunato Depero and  the Campari Company was born in 1924, certainly propitiated by his friend and futurist Fedele Azari. But even if we cannot accurately reconstruct the circumstances and the extent of the first commissions for Campari, when we move towards the biennium 1925-26 we can observe some significant works that testify an already consolidated relationship.

Squisito al selz”

On one side a huge poster for the Bitter Campari that stands out on the Parisian rooftops in a photo dated 1926, on the other the famous oil painting “Squisito al selz”( Exquisite drink and soda). From spring to autumn 1925 Depero was in Paris present at the great Exhibition of Decorative Arts and, therefore, it is not out of place to think that the order for Campari was grown in those circumstances.

Then, in 1926, Depero participated in the XV Venice Art Biennale where he presented an oil painting dedicated to the Commendator Campari and titled “Squisito al selz“. The thing in itself would have nothing extraordinary if it were not for the author’s important precise statement, added to the work in each of its publications: “Advertising painting – Non poster”.