Drawing Your Way Home - Artist and Interior Designer Martin La Roche Shows Us The Way To Inspiration

Artist & Interior Designer Martin La Roche in Full View 


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Every Monday and Friday we take you behind the scenes as to people and places that inspire us. This Friday we invite you into the drawing world of Artist and Interior Designer Martin La Roche


Paris, Geneva, NYC, Rio, Brussels , Babalyon 

I had met Martin via two other forces to be reckoned with Cyril Pigot - Kesseler of Christies Paris and George Gross of Gallery George Bac also in Paris.

We all toiled and frolicked from Paris to NYC and have remained in constant contact not only seeing each other in person but also via our daily posts via social media.

Geneva - Gstaad 50x70 cm


This is precisely how I became enamoured with the scenic drawings of my friend Martin.

During quarantine and beyond,  as we all try to reintroduce ourselves to a normal pace of life or the " new normal",  I still find myself lingering in the silent awe of realizing how many of our closest friends inspire both Thomas and my life and lend so much experience to our time here on our uh-mazzzin planet.  

I truly believe that some of the best discoveries of friends personalities is when you know them for their métier but find out something completely different that you become even more raptured by than what you had respected them for all along.

I had no idea apart from being a talented Interior Designer Martin was such an artist!


Collab With Alyaa Kamel Awaking Cairo

Born in Paris, Martin La Roche has the chance to travel and live around the globe. This cultural diversity that he gains throughout the years pushes him towards interior design and a certain fascination to urbanism.

After studying at the Chelsea School of Art and design in London, he developed his skills while working for some of the greatest interior designers in Paris Alberto Pinto, Jacques Granges, Jacques Garcia and the Egyptian interior designer Ehab Shafik.

Collab With Alyaa Kamel - Megève

He works in Paris, New-York and Dubai; He lives in cairo then finally stops in Geneva. His curiosity for urbanism leads him to create large scale city views on paper.

I sat down via ZOOM ( our new normal) and asked my virtual friend a couple of fun questions:


Collab with Victoire Cathalan - Coastline

Michou: When did you start drawing

Martin La Roche: I started drawing from a very early age of 8 years old

Michou: How do you choose the cities you draw ? Is it because you travelled to them or they inspire you, or is  your inspiration to draw a particular city based on history and architecture ?

MLR :  First it was imaginary cities then when arrived in Geneva I start to draw real cities , cities that I lived in at the beginning . Then cities I wanted to draw or that people commissioned me to draw

Artist & Interior Designer Martin La Roche in front of one of his public installations

Michou: How many cities have you lived in thus far

MLR: Paris , Cairo , London , New-York, Dubai , Geneva , Réunion Island

Michou: Which other cities inspire you or that you know so well

MLR: Cities that I know well and are important to me are  Milan , Venice , Istanbul,
 and Athens

Michou: How do people contact you

MLR: Click this link  and follow me on instagram @martinlarocheurbandrawings

Like the Stylistics Song redone by Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross Stop, Look and Listen to your heart and fall back in love with the people and places you already know and carry those precious memories with you. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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