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 Thomas and Michou had a VIP tour of the renown Gem Palace while in Jaipur

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This week we take you on a virtual trip to "INCREDIBLE INDIA " via the history of jewels, jewelers, Kings and Queens (pun intended"

A Jewel Encrusted Handbag 

The Gem Palace has stood proud as one of India’s iconic jewelry houses for over one hundred and sixty years and the members of the Kasliwal family have maintained a lasting and relevant position in the jewelry trade since the 1700s.



Michou wears a Snake Encrusted Cuff

The Gem Palace has created heirlooms for emperors, kings, queens, presidents and lm stars and continues to cater to the traditional and contemporary needs of jewelry buyers from across the globe. 


Pearls set to a Sunburst of Diamonds w/ an Emerald Center 

The story of the Kasliwal family dates back to the XVI Century, during the Mughal empire when the Maharajas, ‘great kings’of India, represented a vision of great splendor and magni cence. It was in the service of these princely rulers, patrons of the arts both in India and throughout Europe, that the Kasliwals rst established their status as legendary jewelers.


Thomas Wearing he Sunburst

A unique family of aesthetes, the Kasliwals are skilled jewelers and gem cutters who have passed an extraordinary artistry, craftsmanship and passion from generation to generation.

Emerald & Diamond Drop Earrings 


An Emerald and Diamond Belt 


Appointed court jewel makers by Maharaja Saway Jai Singh II of the Royal family of Jaipur and granted high honors by the British Crown, the Kasliwal family history is deeply intertwined with the history of their native India.

A Diamond Necklace 

Nestled in Jaipur, The Gem Palace has become a transcendent destination, known worldwide for its rich and storied past. Sanjay Kasliwal is one of two broth- ers, the sixth generation of Kasliwals to take charge. Luckily, the company has remained agile enough to preserve its rich heritage throughout the years.


Thomas wearing a Turtle Ring of Rubies, Emeralds Pearls and Diamonds

Due to their status as refined objects of art, throughout the years, The Gem Palace jewels have been displayed in exhibitions around the world. In 2001, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York presented a stunning exhibition called “Treasury of the World: Jeweled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals.”


An Assortment of Jewels at The Gem Palace

In 2007, The Gem Palace opened its first boutique in Turkey with ‘The Gem Palace Istabul’. In 2014, Sanjay Kasliwal opened a boutique in New York City at 971 Madison Avenue. This intimate store features warm, coral tapestried walls and dark wood accents and display cases, highlighting the brand’s origins in Jaipur.

The new boutiques reflect the family tradition of craftsmanship but with a fresh new perspective. Today, The Gem Palace plans to introduce India to many other countries by opening new stores all around the world.


A Large Diamond Necklace

If you make it to Jaipur The Gem Palace is a must stop place to visit on your list. As you can see Thomas and I had the VIP tour of the royal vault and were able to try various family jewels on! 

Enjoy your week!





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