Resin & Wood Artist Djivan Shapira 

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This week we introduce you to Djivan Shapira

The 27-year old French-born designer combines skills learned from generations of woodcrafting, with the imagination needed to create the retro-future objects we see today. Along with business partner Andrew James these two gentlemen are taking the custom made furniture niche by storm. 

From Left to Right: Andrew James, Daniel Arsham and Djivan Shapira

Fluxs De Tulipes 

Schapira first picked up a tool at three years old, and spent the first years of his life in France before landing in Hoboken, New Jersey at the age of six. His father Antoine Schapira, is a master woodworker and fabricator of Collectible Design. 

Originally set for release in March 2020 as a collection of trays, wall hangings, and other decorative luxury items primarily focused exemplifying the natural beauties of the pinecone, Djivan Schapira’s first official collection was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the months to follow, Schapira had the opportunity to reflect introspectively on all of teachings he had been given as a designer, how far his company ABDB Designs had come, and the current the state of the world.


What would come next is the decision to embark on his greatest design feat to date, incorporating all of his years of learnings & experience, as well as the entire ‘dead’ Les Fleurs collection, into a new collection. Growing from the ashes into five major pieces of collectible design, Les Fleurs includes a 12-person dining table, a center table, a lamp, and more.

Les Fleurs represents the life that is born out of death. The magic that arises when all hope is lost. The beauty that blooms from the darkest of times which is so apropos for the time we find ourselves living in.



Dial "M" for Modern, a gallery in Chicago tapped Djivan to do a 4 day exhibition along with custom tables for The Soho House, Sushi Samba and more have the artist booked on custom projects.

Ménage à Trois

With the underground secret designer maffia booking up Djivan's work custom and commercial work it's time for this artist to step out from behind his table and take his place among the up and coming young talent keeping handmade craftsmanship alive.


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