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Article: Our Friday Pour - UK's #1 Gin Launches in the U.S.

Our Friday Pour - UK's #1 Gin Launches in the U.S.

Our Friday Pour - UK's #1 Gin Launches in the U.S.


Thomas and I travel the world in search of everything handcrafted so it was only logical for us to stumble across Whitely Neill the UK’s # 1 Gin. Now that they are available Stateside this helps make our luggage lighter not having to smuggle it back into the USA.

The minute we heard it was available locally as a Barware company we rallied the Troops , Taste-makers and Influencers . In a world of insta tastemakers and influencers we prefer to invite a group that will actually sip, savour and purchase the Gin.

The reaction was fantastic all round! I set the table with a kelly green table cloth to give a backdrop to the colourful bottles. We paired the Gin with our Skull Stamp Double Old Fashioned Drinking Glasses making the Gin come alive in the right Thomas Fuchs drinking glass.

Thomas Fuchs “ From a designer perspective I think the bottle design and colours are amazing and the flavours are a nice “twist” on Gin, pun intended”

Michael Burns who spends his days and nights poolside at the Standard Hotel Miami  -"Juniper is my favourite Berrie and to know that I have flavours to choose from makes my afternoon, I hope the Standard Miami (Hotel) is carrying the Rhubarb so I can sip & sun poolside while I bake in the Miami sun"


“I was intrigued by the African- inspired blend upon trying it. I loved its refreshing silky finish…Brilliant” – Max Rangel

Iraida Castillo - "Beautiful presentation and an eclectic mix of flavours makes this Gin interesting and definitely one I will keep on my list this holiday season"

“We are very excited to bring Whitley Neill, the UK’s #1 premium gin to the U.S.  The flavor variants are like no other - unique, exciting clean and perfect for cocktails and entertaining.  Combine that with the stunning bottle presentations and you have a bottle that’s appealing - inside and out!”


Jorge Gutierrez

Managing Director – Americas and Caribbean

Halewood - Int. 



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