TFC Crystal Lamps for Fine Art Lamps

Crystal is magic. One day it's sand pigment and ash, the next day it's a beautiful object. It is my honor to be asked by Fine Art Lamps, the Murano of America, to design a line of hand-cut crystal portables. It is a dream come true! An eclectic collection of table lamps designed by Thomas Fuchs for Fine Art Lamps. Clear optic crystal bodies featuring plated brass and satin nickel accents.

When Michou and I moved to Miami we stumbled upon the legendary factory of Fine Art Lamps. Max Blumberg was the force behind FAL before selling it to his executives within the company Laura Goldblum & Rene Quintana.
 It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway LOL), Michou and I as company owners, honor the cognizant decision of Max to keep the company headquartered in Miami and not sell to any vendors out of state or country ensuring the family and institution he has built over the last 79 years....that's RIGHT SEVENTY-NINE YEARS of lighting #madeinAMERICA
Laura Goldblum & Rene Quintana are now the proprietors of the company and have taken the company history and reverence into the 21 century. Consolidating over 400,000 sq feet of space to new factories and new machinery keeping the entire FAL family together kit and kaboodle!
Pairing their technique with my design and knowledge was a true gift. Being that "portables" aka table lamps to non-decorators, where a section where we could really grow the category I chose to work in Crystal. The luminescence and weight were key factors in complimenting interiors without adding color just form. 
From organic shapes such as rock, bamboo and nautilus shells to more traditional designs, I created a line of 7 lamps and look forward to doing a lot more with FLA.
Visit our collaboration page here on our website and pick up a pair of lamps to light up any room!


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