Nadia Karam aka Artist / Painter Aidan Marak

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Mon Royaume - Acrylic and ink on canvas 71" x 142"

This week we introduce you to Nadia Karam also known as artist Aidan Marak. 

Aidan Marak is the art alias of Nadia Laallaoui Karam, who left her native Morocco to study design in Paris 28 years ago. She has been working and creating in Miami for 20 years, but her African heritage is still central to her perspective. In her work, Nadia seeks to strip away the constructs that keep us from seeing and living in our common humanity.

Mon Royaume - Arcylic and Ink on Canvas Close Up

As we all know the saying " the best things in life happen organically", well lets just say the meeting between Nadia, her husband Antoine and Thomas and I was anything but organic.

Art on Exhibit

My closest childhood friend renown art curator Gabrielle HB Abada kept mentioning Nadia's name and finally on a Friday night before the summer was set to begin and the Europeans flee to their homes across lands Gabrielle obliges us to accept a dinner invitation to Nadia and Antoine's home. Lying in bed before getting ready to leave our home both Thomas and I recounted to each other how we would rather stay in bed than attend a dinner party post a long week of work.

As luck would have it when stars align once every 5-10 years it was a night filled with pure laughter, cuisine, conversation and bonding. In the company of the ever chic Anick Vorbe along with her formidable Persian beau Dada and a select few the night was pure magic one could even see fireworks if they squinted their eyes ever so slightly. 

Bina (Wisdom)

As one walks into her self decorated home you realize that the art on the walls is not only hers but made up from the various journeys around Mother Earth that she and her family have taken peppered with paintings of bright neon colors and others black and white abstract graphics.

As a good guest I offered to help and on the various trips to and from the kitchen I was lead into the world of Nadia see multiple parallel lives of former NY'ers she having worked for Manuel Canovas, Alexandra Champalimaud in New York then moving to Dubai to open Charles Jouffrey's offices for special projects. 

HOE - Acrylic, Newspaper, Collage, Spray Paint on Canvas 54" x 70"

The beautifully unique aspect of Nadia is that as a designer she listens more than speaks and waits for her clients actions, art and lifestyle to "talk to her" she herself creates a framework for the clients life to elegantly glide into while highlighting their colours and themes with her art she collaborates with on each project. 

Untitled2 - Acrylic, Japanese Kraft Paper Collage, Gold Ink on Linen Canvas 34" x 53"

On a deeper note, which I usually like leaving to real journalists , Nadia's Morroccan heritage and the plight of women is revealed in the fabric of her voice, the movement in her hands and the portraits that I so fell in love with. We invite you to take a deeper dive into the warm ocean with eyes wide open and explore the world of artist Aidan Marak.

Les Soleil Les Oublies - " The Sun Forgot About Them"

At a time when Miami has become a mecca for art fairs and gallerists flock to Miami one must ask themselves, with instagram, social media and meeting artists without Galleries, are galleries really necessary for real art or is the real value of connecting directly with an artist and hearing their voice and seeing where both your journeys interconnect is it in the brush stroke is it in the colour combination or just as simple as the size and abstract effect the painting evokes. 

Malaika (Angel)

We are lead deeper into ourselves by admiring Nadia's art. 

Instagram: @aidan.marak

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