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Article: My DOG IS MY COPILOT - "A Dog Story"

My DOG IS MY COPILOT - "A Dog Story"

My DOG IS MY COPILOT - "A Dog Story"




 Sista from another Mista - Frida (Basset /Beagle) Sunday Balcony Tanning with her sister Georgie (full Beagle) 


 Welcome to our ONLINE Store and blog.

Every Monday and/or Friday we take you behind the scenes to the people, places and things that inspire us.

As designers of a barware, lighting and tabletop company we have been inspired by our dogs and peoples love of dogs. All our dogs over all the years have been rescues. Be sure to watch the video at the end of the blog!

Georgie lying on our bed while packing for our Summer Work European Trips to Maison & Objet

It's said that people who love dogs live longer are generally nicer people and show empathy, love and compassion much more that non dog lovers. 

don’t know about you guys, but if someone doesn’t like dogs, I have to seriously consider whether or not they’re worth having in our lives. I’m talking up-all-night, pulling-my-hair-out, pros-and-cons-list-making consideration. I started taking pics of all our dogs over the years that became the inspiration for this blog. 

Thomas & Frida on our Beach Bungalow Front Porch - Red Bank , NJ

Since we don't have kids we refrain from sending all our friends and family pictures of our dogs on Xmas cards and alike. However, if you follow my personal instagram and our work one you will catch glimpses of love and happiness. 


Calder & Friday morning run on Asbury Park Dog Beach 

A person's life story can be told in photos of ones dog. From places lived to places travelled to stories of your parents loving your dogs and your dogs sleeping with all your guests and on and on. 



Frida doing her VOGUE pose a la Madonna 

Here is my list of 19 distinctions of being a dog lover and a dog parent. 

1. A Dog Lover: Will pet a dog and move on.

A Dog Parent: Will ask the dog’s name, how old they are, basically every detail down to, “where did you buy that leash?

Thomas & I and Cy visiting textile designer John Mahoney in Upstate NY

2. Every Dog Lover: Tears up when a dog dies in a movie.

A Dog Parent: Will sob uncontrollably, hug their fur baby, and cover their eyes throughout the entire ordeal.


 Frida & Georgina on Key Biscayne Beach watching out for Alligators

3. Dog Lovers: Go to the dog park to play with and see all of the dogs.

Dog Parents: Go to the dog park and become the authority on everyone else’s pup parenting style.

Georgie lying on our Donghia Pony Chair w/ Dog Statue behind her

4. Dog Lovers: Go on vacations as usual.

Dog Parents: Fall down the Internet rabbit hole researching the best ways to bring their dog along for all the fun.


As Thomas Fuchs Creative Company Mascots here they are on our Company Christmas Card

5. Dog Lovers: Go out to brunch, the movies, a date, they participate in life and in conversations as usual.

Dog Parents: Do all of these things… but are always thinking about what their dog is doing in the back of their minds.

Frida & Daddy Michou Front Porch Relaxing

6. Most Dog Lovers: Can see a pup and enjoy it as a novelty in and of itself.

Dog Parents: Simply must compare every aspect of the dog in question to the pup they’ve got back home.


Frida doing her Liz Taylor pose

7. Dog Lovers: Know a handful of breed names.

Dog Parents: Are walking, talking encyclopedia with a wealth of dog info — and even have an “expert” opinion on what your mutt is made of.

Calder lying in our Rose Bush, This is the rose bush that Frida now mimics 

8. Dog Lovers: Get to enjoy your dog’s excited, affectionate energy…

Dog Parents: You get all of that… plus the added bonus of unforeseen poops, farts, and mood swings.

Georgie Striking a pose on Key Biscayne Miami Dog Beach

9. A Dog Lover: Can take a photo or selfie and move on with their day.

A Dog Parent: Will always feel like a photo is incomplete without their precious pups’ face. #TrueStory

Frida and Georgie in the Janus pose riding Shot Gun in Daddy's VW Wagon

10. Dog lovers: Are usually grossed out by the idea of picking up poop.

Dog Parents: Never miss a beat and are no longer phased by their dog’s seemingly endless BMs.

Cy shaking hands w/ Daddy Thomas on our Red Bank Beach Bungalow Porch

11. Dog Lovers Get to enjoy a nice, well-kept fur-free wardrobe.

Dog Parents: Don’t even remember what life was like before everything they own became coated in a fabulous layer of fluff.


Frida playing Peek-A-Boo

12. Dog Lovers Get to spread out across their bed while visions of puppies dance in their heads.

Dog parents Are on the front lines, with that tail, butt, or snout firmly in their face. Ehh…sometimes it’s not so bad.

Portrait of a Dog

13. Dog Lovers: Have to invest in something called an “alarm clock”.

Dog Parents Have their own (albeit unreliable) one.

Frida, Calder & Friends on Asbury Beach Dog Run 

14. Dog Lovers: Another investment poor pup lovers have to make: a vacuum. It’s seriously so sad that they have to pick up their food themselves, I can’t even imagine.

Dog Parents: Have a fluffy vacuum who gets ALL of the crumbs.

Can you imagine sleeping with a 150 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback,? We can ! Cy in our Bed

15. Dog Lovers Have to come up with crazy excuses for when they want to flake on plans.

Every Dog Parent: Knows the value of having a pup back home when it comes time to make that Irish exit.

Georgie & Frida moved to Miami & D.O.G Wynwood got them Halloween Ready

16.If Dog Lovers: Want a partner in crime, they have to send a bunch of hopeful (desperate) texts to find one.

Dog parents: Always have a running, hiking, or adventuring buddy at the ready.

Calder sitting in Thomas' Garden Office at the beach house doing his Godfather Pose

17. Dog Lovers: Have to convince themselves that the food they’re eating is delicious.

Dog parents: Have the verification of a dog drooling over every bite they ever eat. EVER.

Frida playing with Aunty Charlotte as she throws Ball & Stick 

18. Most Dog Lovers Love all dogs fairly and equally.

Dog Parents: Know, for a fact, that only their baby is the ultimate.

19. Only dog parents get to bask in the glory of a hero’s welcome every single time they come home. And it really doesn’t get any better than that.

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 Thomas Fuchs durable Melamine Dinnerware for your Pup's Bday Party


Watch the video below and have a great weekend !



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