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Christian, Grazia, Fidenzio & Family Bizzotto

Welcome to our ONLINE STORE  and blog. 

As a barware, lighting and  home accessories design company, we at Thomas Fuchs Creative specialize in handmade goods. Every week we give you behind the scenes to the people, places and things that inspire us.

Two weeks ago on the invitation of Sandro Marchesin of Unico Design Lab we were invited to Miami's most avant garde neighbourhood Ironside. Ironside has become the moist chic bazaar of Miami's cognoscenti. There is where I meandered into the most interesting mattress store, yes you heard correct mattress store. 

Conceived by founders Fidenzio and his wife Grazia, Sleep on Green Mattresses are made from completely natural fibers and each layer is interchangeable making the firmness of the mattress customizable to each persons needs.  

Natural Fibers in Sleep on Green Mattresses 

Doctor's say the human body and brain are wired to function on a 24-hour cycle, throughout which biological mechanisms known as circadian rhythms dictate fluctuations in wakefulness, body temperature, metabolism, release of hormones, gene expression, and more. These rhythms are highly influenced by light and darkness, which signal the brain when it’s time to be awake and when it’s time to wind down for sleep.

Sleep consists of cycling repeatedly through two phases: non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, during which the body’s temperature drops and heart rate, breathing, and brain waves show complex combinations of slow and fast patterns; and REM sleep, when the body is paralyzed as the brain waves, breathing, and heart rate quicken and when dreaming occurs. Adequate quantity, quality, and timing of both types of sleep have complementary roles for brain and body health.

As Thomas and I walked through the showroom we heard the tale of how "Sleep on Green" came to be. The saying "necessity is the mother of invention" is used a lot when great things come to be.   

On Memorial Day weekend 2007 Christian, their son,  was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident which caused him to be bedridden for several months. Grazia recounts "at the time, Christian had recently purchased a memory foam mattress, but it wasn’t until he was confined to it, that we all realized it was doing much more harm than good", we quickly understood that he needed a mattress that not only provided the proper support necessary for his back, but also a mattress that was breathable and made with natural materials to prevent boils and bed sores".

The Interchangeable Layers

Before their son’s accident they had no idea what healthy sleep or clean sleep meant. Like many of us, we thought a mattress was a mattress, and as long as it seemed ‘comfy’, that’s all that mattered. It wasn’t until then when they had a wakeup call as we started to do some research and learned how memory foam mattresses as well as conventional mattresses can potentially make you sick.

This life changing moment spurred them into action, it was with great urgency that they searched for a “natural” mattress, one that would support Christian during his long road to recovery. 

To hear Christian recount it "the following weeks in the hospital were a blur. I spent most of my days in a bed recovering from surgery and taking a few steps a day with a walker to prevent blood clots. During a brief consult with my doctor, he stressed the importance of good sleep. I shared with him that I had this awesome NASA-designed memory foam mattress at home".

"The look on his face was grim. He warned me about the toxicity of synthetic memory foam and pointed me towards various resources to support his claim. It was in that moment that the quest for a truly organic breathable mattress was born. My family and I couldn’t find a product on the market that fit my needs, so we decided to make it and just like that, Sleep on Green was born".


With 30 years' experience in home furnishing and design, Fidenzio Bizzotto Christian's Father) assembled a team from around the world, comprised of sleep experts, researchers and producers to develop the first Sleep On Green mattress.

Made from Mother Nature’s purest organic elements: Merino Wool, Organic Cotton, Organic Coconut Fiber, Talalay Natural Latex, Cashmere Fiber, Tencel Fiber—this Sleep On Green® Sleep System is the pinnacle of organic mattresses. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and breathable, this mattress is built to rejuvenate your health and body.

Having made a hundred percent recovery Christian Bizzotto is a leading voice in Spartan Obstacle Specialist Instructor. He can be followed @christian_bizzotto on instagram. 



Thomas & Michou's Sleep on Green Bed

The good news is that the family Bizzotto has brought this product to market and while its one of the best kept secrets in the industry Riva Yachts along with starchitects and uber interior designers are placing these mattress in bedrooms of their most discerning clientele.

Conact Sleep on Green follow their instagram @sleepongreen  and change the way you sleep! If you are alerady living a clean lifestyle this is the ultimate level in taking mind, body and soul into consideration.

Address: 7636 NE 4th Ct Suite 103, Miami, FL 33138
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM


Have a great Easter Weekend,








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