DIY - #Homemade - Step And Repeat

If you have not checked out our Tavolo Dinner Series that we host 4 times a year its  a #mustread! 
Having said that it is so important for us to make each of the dinners so unique and customized to show off the artist highlight our sponsors and create a back drop to make our guest stand out and look "the most" at all our dinners.
For our dinner partnering with The Frost Museum we had legendary french champagne brand Laurent Perrier partner with us to sponsor all the alcohol for the dinner. Our cousin Debbie Harner, once again, renown art teacher and scholar in her own right joined forces with Michou to help bring his vision to life.
Supermoss - Instant Green
18 in x 48 in (6 sq.ft)
Glue Dots
Double Sided Black Electrical Tape
Mini Glue Gun
"L" Shaped Metal Brackets
STEP 1: Measure and draw lines where to place the brackets
STEP 2: Open Moss and place on foam board
STEP 3: Use Glue gun to place and attach moss to foam board
STEP 4: Cut small holes in moss sheets to allow brackets to stick out and attach with glue.
STEP 5: Attach bottle to bass "L shaped Brackets and place a drop of glue at the bottom of the bottle
STEP 6:  Use glue dots to seal all edges of moss to the foam board.
STEP 7 : let it sit over night
STEP 8 : Place double sided black electrical tape along all 4 sides of the foam board
STEP 9:  Mount
STEP 10: Takes lots of pictures for instagram



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