Art After Stonewall Dinner at the Mahtani & Fuchs Residence in Miami

“For this dinner, we not only have the honor of being asked by the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU to host, but more importantly we have, not one, but many artists from a movement that we stand by and give voice to now more than ever.”

 Michou Mahtani is talking about the newest installment of the TavoloArtist Dinner Series he throws with his husband, Thomas Fuchs, out of their Brickell high-rise. Together, Fuchs and Mahtani run the high-end home goods companies Thomas Fuchs Creative (TFC) and Otium, and their Miami-based gatherings have become a hotbed of viewing and collecting- attracting museum directors, private collectors and enthusiasts. But the focus of their next dinner, slated for March 21, hits close to home. “This is about the community and the movement, not just one artist.

ART AFTER STONEWALL (1969-1989), an exhibition debuting at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU later this year, features the incendiary artists who devoted their work and lives to affecting radical cultural and artistic change. Nan Goldin, Holly Hughes, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tim Miller, Catherine Opie, Andy Warhol- all were active members of the LGBTQ community who created works showcasing their values openly, at a time when it was a great personal and professional risk to do so. 



“My family is from Lebanon, Jamaica and India- places where gayisn’t even allowed,” Mahtani says. “This exhibition is timed for the 50thanniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and we want to get behind as many causes as we can in this new era of segregation- before they’re made martyrs.”

The premise of the Tavolo dinner series is integrating the artists’ work into an immersive dinner experience, tailoring every detail from the tablescape to the menu to showcase the theme. Since the exhibition features over 150 works in film and video art, photography, painting, sculpture, and music, there is much to pull from. Formerly a creative for luxury retailer Takashimaya and then Remy Martin, Mahtani revels in a healthy dose of tongue in cheek humor when getting inspired. “It falls on Thomas and I to make the entire evening effortlessly cohesive, selecting the artists and the work to blend seamlessly with the menu and our TFC Collections.”

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