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Article: AMASS Gin / Vodka VIP Tasting Dinner - FYI: Daytime Drinking is back in Style

AMASS Gin / Vodka VIP Tasting Dinner - FYI: Daytime Drinking is back in Style

AMASS Gin / Vodka VIP Tasting Dinner - FYI: Daytime Drinking is back in Style


Dining Table Set w/ 2020 Thomas Fuchs Melamine Collection

Now that we are all stuck at home due to global corona virus we thought it would be a great time to start drinking to stay sane.... (in our barware of course).

As a barware company in efforts of discovering new fun libations while homebound and can be sent to you via mail , Amazon, UPS or Fedex we decided to help hit the reset button and take you back to New Years Eve 2020 when we enjoyed the most amazing Gin & Vodka by the brand AMASS.

With a guest list that included Belgian Count & Countess de Jamblinne, Frank Everette (Senior VP of Sotheby’s Luxury Division) and his husband Alex Chaves, renowned interior designer Juan Poggi and partner Rick Cora, publicist Amber Clapp among other luminaries this proved to be the perfect taste test demographic with a discerning global palette.



Distilled with 29 botanicals, AMASS Dry Gin is a celebration of both the abundant natural terroir and diverse cultural landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Indigenous botanicals like California Bay and Cascara Sagrada ground bright top notes of fresh citrus. Earthy umami notes from Reishi Mushroom and Lion’s Mane Mushroom pair with Juniper to create a complex boreal profile. Vibrant flavors such as Hibiscus, Cardamom, Cacao, and Ginger paint a vivid palate of the rich multicultural fabric that is the spirit of the City of Angels.


Master Distiller and Chief Product Officer Morgan McLachlan has held a deep fascination with botany since she was a child. It was this interest in plants that ultimately led to her passion for gin and a specialty in creating unique spirits from California’s diverse flora. Morgan appreciated distilling tradition, but considers herself an experimental punk rock distiller, experimenting with any and all plants, herbs, and spices. Her lifelong study of plants and experimental creativity serve as the driving vision behind AMASS Dry Gin.



Juniper, Coriander, Cedar Berries and Bark, Angelica, Orris Root, Cassia, Fennel, Licorice, Cubeb, Cascara Sagrada, Cacao, Cardamom, California Bay Leaf, Ginger, Fresh Lemon Peel, Fresh Grapefruit Peel, Bitter Orange Peel, Dried Lemon Peel, Hibiscus, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Clove, Nutmeg, Ashwagandha, Sarsaparilla, Long Pepper, Grains of Paradise, Kaffir Lime Leaf



NOSE: Vibrant and fresh, with a citrus-forward welcome.

PALATE: Citrus to the fore, supported by spicy notes of cardamom. California Bay Leaf provides an herbaceous quality on the middle of the palette. Gin opens with less heat on the front palette, but warms up to provide the necessary heat on the mid- and rear palette.

FINISH: Mushrooms and Long Pepper settle on the rear palette for a peppery finish with earthy undertones.




Distilled in Copenhagen, AMASS Vodka with Marigold, Chamomile and Lemon celebrates Nordic distilling tradition and the rich, vibrant history of Scandinavian drinking culture. Introducing an unconventional production method, botanicals are carefully distilled on an Aquavit still to create a heart with subtle layers of flowers folded around fresh, hand-grated citrus. Inspired by the city’s long summer evenings and longer winter nights, the result is a light, elegant spirit that pays tribute to Nordic drinking tradition, perfectly suited for a variety of cocktails and seasons.


In building a botanical vodka, AMASS Chief Product Officer and Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan wanted to respect the traditions surrounding vodka, without feeling constrained by them. She searched for a partner with long-standing experience in the Aquavit tradition and a demonstrated commitment to high-quality ingredients. She found both in Henrik Brinks and Lasse Öznek, whose Copenhagen operation sits at the intersection of Scandinavian distilling tradition and the new Danish cuisine, with its emphasis on seasonality and sustainability.



As a result of their long and demonstrated experience with Aquavit, our Copenhagen partners have perfected a method for capturing the essence of botanicals. Introducing an unconventional vodka production method, botanicals are carefully distilled on an Aquavit still to create a heart with subtle layers of flowers folded around fresh, hand-grated citrus. True to minimalist Danish design philosophy, we sought to introduce as few botanicals to the vodka as possible, with a focus on extracting the maximum taste and flavor out of a minimum number of botanicals.



Organic Wheat Spirit, Organic Marigold Petals, Organic Chamomile Flowers, Organic Lemon Zest, Organic Cane Sugar



NOSE: Citrus and warm lemon drop candy turn to hay and sweet tea, before fading to frost and cold iron.

PALATE: Bitter lemon first, then grassy notes of dry summer and iced tea.

FINISH: More hay and wild flowers, and then finally cereal and a grainy sweetness.



The amazing bottle and label was designed by a branding agency called In Good Co. They seem too cool for school and don't even list a umber on their website then again they are based in LA LA LAND. 



Not to be out done by the alcohol we enlisted artist Paige Gemmel (instagram handle @pgemmel )who hand paints the most exquisite pillows and trays and home accessories. We matched her Seagull Flamingo ,very Miami , print with our new 2020 Melamine Sample Collection which has just arrived fresh from the factory just in time to bring in the 2020 New Year! 

"Old Florida Spoonbills" - by Paige Gemmel

Paige Gemmel Painting Custom Made in to a Table Cloth @pgemmel on Instagram 

How To Layer A Table Setting



 24K Gold Polka Dot Handblown Murano Glass by Thomas Fuchs

Thomas Fuchs Roly Poly Wine Cups available on our site

Designer & Chef Thomas Fuchs

Stuffed Zucchini 




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