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Our Lady of Charity Candle - Windows Collection

Sale price$ 3.50

"¡Oh! Virgen Santísima de la Caridad! Madre mía Celestial que te apareciste en el cobre para ser invocada con el hermoso título de la Caridad! Muéstranos que eres la Madre de la Caridad. Derrama las

bondades de tu Caridad sobre mí. Bendice la Iglesia Universal. Bendiceme a mí y a toda mi familia y ampárame ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte. Amén."

 With the WINDOWS and POP ART collections, Thomas puts a twist on a more traditional side of home accessories with religious vigil candles. After transplanting to Miami last year, he found himself immersed in the thriving subcultures of the city. Inspired by the pulse of Cuban, Venezuelan, Mexican and other Latin American communities, Thomas created a collection of glass encased candles with his trademark wit. “I want to broaden the horizons of who would traditionally have these pieces in their home,” he says.

The WINDOWS Collection is a modern take on a classic concept, featuring bursting colors and vivid images. The images are made in an acetate overlay, so the flame illuminates through and evokes the beauty of stained glass cathedral windows. The POP ART Collection draws playful inspiration from the 1960’s art movement and is designed in psychedelic color, bringing out a funkier side of the traditional pieces.

 Height 20.8 cm

Thomas Fuchs Creative
Our Lady of Charity Candle - Windows Collection Sale price$ 3.50