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PRE-ORDER Ombre Glass Melon/Grey

Sale price$ 125.00


“Fade to shade.” The Master glass blower is always giving the carver shade. So, the carver hand cut these glasses way below the surface so even though the glass blower wanted a dark glass the carver brought it about to get below the dark surface to expose the lighter side of its personality. You can still see that dark attitude towards the bottom but the top is effervescent with light and color.

These Ombre cocktail glasses by Thomas Fuchs are hand blown and hand carved glass featuring layered colors for a beautiful and interesting design. Display on your bar or barcart to show off these beautiful hues!

  • Hand Carved & Hand Blown Glass Cocktail Glasses
  • Imported
Thomas Fuchs Creative
PRE-ORDER Ombre Glass Melon/Grey Sale price$ 125.00