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A hit of this weeks point of admiration is the cover photo of this blog which is none other than Lapo Elkann, grandson of Italian Impresario and style Icon Gianni Angnelli, shoe closet. 

Canali Indigo Suede Tasseled Loafers

This week we literally take it to the streets piloting you around the world in my shoes. I am so inspired by the Vlog The Sartorial Talks by The Parisian Gentleman, Hugo Jacomet (124K Subscribers) interviewing the American Southern Young Bucks Trenton & Heath (357K Subscribers) who are young cobblers schooling their American public on quality shoes from sole to SOUL.  

The Dynamic Duo Brothers Trenton and Heath of Potter & Sons

As brothers and co-owners of 2 businesses within the shoe industry, these handsome brothers are always excited to bring us some of the best content, regarding all things shoes, on their  YouTube channel. They discuss the best shoe brands, the best shoe products, tutorials on shoe care, and take you behind the scenes as they repair shoes brought into their shop.

Parisian Gentleman has been created by Hugo Jacomet in 2009 as a personal diary in which he was sharing his sartorial adventures and his passion for bespoke tailoring and shoemaking.

A Family Affiar: Hugo Pictured here with Wife Sonya & Son Greg

Soon after his son Greg Jacomet, then his future wife Sonya Glyn joined him to form the historical trio behind Parisian Gentleman and the two YouTube channels : « Sartorial Talks » (in English) and « Discussions Sartoriales » (in French).

Paul Smith Tassled Brown Leather Loafers  - On The Streets Of Paris

Full disclosure I may have left comments from time to time under my pseudonym on Trenton & Heath's YOUTUBE, encouraging them to open their minds to other brands. Being the owners of a home goods design company and traveling to our various factories all over the world, I have become well versed in the power of a shoe.

Be it walking miles to the gates in airports, trekking to dusty corners of the globe or being in front of the camera for selfies or press or just a simple instagram post, I have gathered quite the shoe collection spanning brands known and unknown across the world.

Donald J. Pliner Denim Suede w/ Red Stitching in India at our Factory 

My love of shoes came from my other who by default schooled me in what makes a good shoe. From Charles Jourdan to Xavier Danaud, I remember my eyes fixing on the 1st pair Mom's cork shoes in the 80's with gold flecks I thinking how inventive it was. From being raised in Europe to the island of Jamaica I can say I have seen it all from sand to shoe.


Ungaro Knee High Riding Boots at Design Miami During Art Basel Miami 

In full transparency I do not ever look at so many photos of myself in a row, however based on the topic and gathering of all subject matter I will take the "Road Less Travelled" on the journey into footwear that has taken me down the long winding metaphorical road to where we stand physically today.

 Ungaro Men's Lace Up Faded Tip Shoes in NYC Making Deliveries 

What this process has helped me most realize that I have amassed the following colours of shoes: 

Black: 5

Blue: 11

Brown: 27

Green: 2

Grey: 2

Red: 5

White / Taupe: 1

 At Our Former Beach Bungalow in Red Bank NJ With Our Basset Beagle Frida in Paul Smith's Printed Canvas Trainers

My favourite brands seem to be the below list.

Tap on each name for links to the brand:


Fratelli Rossetti



Paul Smith


Soludos Espadrilles



Bottega Veneta 





Striking A Pose Outside The Prada Foundation in Milano in my Grey Leather & Suede Ankle Bally Boots

One of the most important lessons I learned early on was, as with all things coveted, pre internet, to save up and buy quality rather than amassing quantity. I believe if gentlemen in America really heeded this advice the would begin a collection that enables them to not only maximize a wardrobe making it more versatile but in essence they have less wear and tear on their shoe collection due to he fact that they have increased their footwear options.


My Todd's in Puglia of  Which I have in a Myriad of Colours All Purchased At Airports Across The World 

Reminissing back to the 1980's there was Charles Jourdan, Stephan Kelian, Joan & David whose men's line moniker was David and Joan, Jean-Baptiste Rautureau. I have also collected and repurposed my father's shoe collection luckily we are the same size now. 

The best thing about shoes is that your weight can fluctuate over the years but it's very rare that your shoe size changes. As the style changes you will find that all the shoe profiles come back into fashion. 


Linen Gucci Gold Horsebit Worn in Photoshoot For The Sindhian 


Me at Le Bonmarche Fratelli Rosetti Shoe Department 

Fratelli Rossetti in Vogue Mexico Article Shot by Josue Acosta 

My Newest Find:


n.d.c. made by hand was created in 2001 by two friends passionate about shoes. Unable to find the shoes they really wanted to wear, they launched the brand to fulfill their personal need.


 NDC Brushed Suede Loafers 

n.d.c. made by hand immediately opened a new dimension in men's and lady's footwear, offering luxurious materials, comfortable lasts and rejuvenated classics. The collections aimed to be appealing to a wide range of customers — trend setters, luxury lovers, quality freaks, etc — who are in pursuit of understated individualism.

 Laurent di Masco

Address: 20 Rue Saint-Ferdinand, 75017 Paris, France



Me & My Fratelli Rossetti at The Ritz in Key Biscayne

The 2nd most important thing after purchasing your pair of coveted shoes is the care. If you can't send your items to the gentlemen Trenton & Heath in Tennessee tap this link and find the best cobbler near you. 




Facture Brown Loafers in Paris @ L'Avenue

Now you can say you have walked with me many miles across our most beautiful Mother Earth. 


Thomas Fuchs Hand-carved, Hand Blown Barware 

Apart from shoe collecting we highly encourage you to slip in to our favourite pair and pour yourself a drink in our Men's Barware that is all handmade, hand-caved and fits your in your hand like a glove.

Have a great week and pick up a set of our barware! 




Gorgeous shoes gorgeous guys!

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