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 Artist Manu Campa in his Studio Instagram: @manucampart


Welcome to our ONLINE STORE and Blog!

As a Men's Barware and home accessories company we feel that there are too few things that are made specifically for a man's enjoyment. I think we can all agree that a good cocktail and a good car go hand in hand.

Every Monday and Friday we take you behind the scenes peak into people, places and things that inspire us. This week we introduce you to my buddy Manu Campa.


Manu Campa's Paintings @manucampart Mercedes

Manu is a painter born in Madrid in 1983. He graduated in Fine Arts in 2008 from the UCM. During his career it was the aesthetics of everyday life that began to attract his attention. Based on this inspirations of the every day object he began working on painting figuratively and realistically.

I met Manu when he exhibited during Art Basel at Art Concept Fair in Miami approximately 4 years ago and was so attracted to the warmth, depth and detail in his work. 


Porsche Painted by Manu Campa @manucampart 

From 2010 he has been basing his work on some of his great passions. First was animal portraiture, then came the bicycles his favorite means of transportation to get around the city, then came the urban landscape using his neighborhood Malasaña as inspo and finally classic automobiles. 


 Manu in his Classic VW  Golf Cabrio

Classic cars have since become and remained the theme of his work. The reflections and brightness of each painting being his particular hallmark.

His style is something pop, realistic (without the “hyper”) and figurative. He has exhibited his work in cities such as Miami, Madrid, Tokyo, New York, Oxford, Lisbon or Biarritz and has collaborated with brands such as Porsche, Mini, Petrolicious, Kia, Huawei, Coca-Cola and Dunlop.


Classic VW / Porsche Van Painting by @manucampart 


I sat down with Manu via good old Zooooooomm and asked him a couple fun questions giving us insight to this cool cats mind! 

Michou: Do you collect cars?

Manu: You can not really collect, but I own a couple of old fun cars now. One is a 1990 VW Golf Cabrio which is an icon. The other one is a 1931 Ford Model A that I try to daily drive. Lots of fun! 

Michou: Why do you paint the Porsche  more than other classic cars? 

Manu: Once you get to know the Porsche heritage and achievements you get trapped. Ive always owned air-cooled classics, so the Porsches and VW were my passion and very inspiring in my daily routine. 


 Manu In Action Painting 

Michou: Do people resonate more with cars more than the animals and bicycles?

Manu: For a classic car aficionado the feeling towards their cars is very very strong. Its similar in the bicycle world, but with the cars there is just a lot more to go for: American classics, European, 60s, 30s, you name it. There is so many nitches into one big nitch that you can go learning and developing your own taste for decades. 

Michou: Is there a certain technical painting process you use to get the paintings to look classic yet modern at the same time?

Manu Campa's Painting of Classic Cars

Manu: I think Im old school in the way I paint, but the objects portrayed make the painting look more modern, more pop. I try to go very pure, very visceral in the paintings, so the brushes are very obvious from a close up. But if you walk back the experience changes your perspective and you then see a realistic work, much more realistic. 

Michou:  I feel your paintings evoke a warm depth and soul. Do you do custom?

Manu: Yes, I work commissioned most 50% of the time. Most collector that buy my paintings also collect cars, so they are very specific in their own tastes. I then produce what they need according to my own taste. Its a great way to work and this way I meet a lot of interesting people and friends worldwide. 

Thomas Fuchs Handmade Barware

We toast Manu's work of classic cars in our classic Thomas Fuchs Barware !

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