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Barbara Villari

This week we take you on a trip to the base of the mountains of Italy, Bassano del Grappa. This is where Grappa is originally from. While at Salone del Mobile this year we happened to stumble into the Villari booth.

Among thousands of brands, events and happenings during Salone del Mobile 2022 post covid the world was hungry for what the Italians had to show us from the wold of design. The energy in the air was palpable.

We made our way into the Villari to only find the proprietor Barbara Villari and her brother Leone knew the team Thomas has worked with in Murano for the last 25 years. 

Cesare and Silvia Villari with their Jeff Koons Michael Jackson/ Bubbles Sculpture

Villari's history reads like a story book romance from the fateful meeting of Silvia and Cesare Villari in 1965, at a porcelain factory just outside of Venice, the founders fell in love with porcelain and each other leading them to start their own factory in 1967.

Their factory and business has been at the forefront of innovation and design collaborating with artists and designers in the sectors of home, hospitality, residential and commercial. 


 Artist Jeff Koons w/ Michael Jackson & Bubbles Sculpture

The booth at Salone, impressive by both size and craftsmanship, showed the range of product lines across several catergories.  It took us no time to realize artists such as Jeff Koons, Fabio Novembre, Ferruccio Laviani, Marcantonio among others have had the privilege to work with Villari and their team.

To the credit of the sibling team of Barbara and Leone, the duo has had the foresight to merge the culture and commerce propelling Villari into the future on all fronts. 

Thomas with Maestro and Family Member Leone Villari

Located in the story book town of Bassano del Grappa, home of the origin of Grappa, our trip to meet the amazing team at Villari, for our upcoming Villari x Thomas Fuchs Salone del Mobile April 2023 collaboration, was a trip of pure meeting of minds, hearts and artistry combined with kismet (fate).  

Villari Figurines 

Villari became renown in the 70's for their figurines, decorative handmade flowers applied to cups, vases and chandeliers. The new guard Barbara and Leone are now at the helm and have turned VILLARI into an iconic Italian luxury brand becoming a distinguished player in the field of interior design with a longstanding history and a trusted brand name.

VILLARI continually reinvents porcelain! Combining expertise with creative audacity, VILLARI will pleasantly surprise you with an astonishing variety of stupendous sculptures; decorative items and sublime collectibles.

VILLARI presented Littargicous by Ferruccio Laviani exhibited at #Fuorisalone in Palazzo Litta, Milan. Extreme technique and precision have been necessary to realize it. This masterpiece is maximum explain of #VILLARI art's. Doppia Firma is project of @fondazionecologni in collaboration with @livingcorriere and Michelangelo Foundation.


Villari Shop in Shop @ Harrods London

The VILLARI lifestyle revels in elegance, taking it to excess with a touch of poetry and fantasy a lifestyle that expresses the ultimate in sparkling interiors: a true symbol of the Italian “art of living”.

Retail Stores 

With free standing stores spanning the Middle East , Asia to shop in shops at legendary retailers such as Harrods Villari continues to prove its cultural relevance.

Choosing Thomas Fuchs , as the first American Designer to collaborate with, the company proves there are still worlds to conquer and spread the vision of its founders Silvia and Cesare far and wide showing its always good to keep it in the family. 


Asian Retail Stores

Have a great week! 

Miami Art Basel  starts this week, look out for our upcoming legendary Artist Dinner Series!



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