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Article: Villari Launches Thomas Fuchs Collection @ Legendary Harrods

Villari Launches Thomas Fuchs Collection @ Legendary Harrods

Villari Launches Thomas Fuchs Collection @ Legendary Harrods


Harrods 3rd Floor Thomas Fuchs "Garden of Eden" Villari Chandelier 

Welcome to our online Store and Blog.

Every week we like to give a behind the scenes look at all the people and places we come into contact with that inspire us and make us smile. 

We have fantastic news apart from Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Bergdorf Goodman, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Le Bon Marché we can as of today add Harrods in London to our list of legendary retailers who carry Thomas Fuchs Collections! Having grown up in London, Harrods represented the ultimate pinnacle of shopping and culinary excellence. It wasn't just a store; it was a symbol of luxury and unparalleled quality.

Every household conversation seemed to revolve around Harrods. Whether it was preparing for guests arriving for dinner with my grandfather's reminder to "pick up the smoked salmon from Harrods," or walking back from Hill House School, admiring the impeccably styled mannequins in the windows as we strolled through the park on our walk home.

Malini & Michou Rowing in Regents Park

As we reflect on our journey and brand, it's clear we've come full circle. Today, on the 4th of July, amidst the rhythmic hum of the treadmill at the gym, I found myself emailing a former acquaintance for help in securing job opportunities for a friend. The response I received was unexpectedly reluctant, offering little specific guidance or free advice.

This interaction served as a poignant reminder that every image and product showcased by the top retailers carries a unique dream, journey and story. These narratives are marked by highs and lows, often involving individuals who, despite their reluctance to assist, inadvertently impede progress. Yet, it is our responsibility to elevate our ascent to the summit, making the journey sweeter. By demonstrating through our actions and achievements that success is best shared, we can bring others along both in presence and in spirit.

Thomas Fuchs with Barabar & Leone Villari

This brings us to Barbara and Leone Villari of Villari Porcelain. As you may have read in our previous blog post, Villari is the exclusive manufacturer of artist Jeff Koons' "Michael Jackson and Bubbles," which is housed at LACMA. To say that Thomas and I are honored to have collaborated with Villari would be an understatement.

We owe all of the credit to Barbara, whose instinct and openness to collaboration made this partnership possible. Thomas, drawing inspiration from Villari's renowned rose petal chandeliers, reimagined their botanical design on a grand scale. Little did we know we would grow as close as a family members or closer as the saying goes you can choose your friends not your family. As New Yorkers we know our friends are our chosen families. 

Thomas Fuchs Garden of Eden Champagne Bucket for Villari

On Wednesday, July 3rd, we received a WhatsApp message from Emmanuele at the Villari office, announcing the arrival of our Thomas Fuchs for Villari "Garden of Eden" chandelier and barware collection in HARRODS, along with a vibrant more colourful version of the chandelier installed at the elevator bank on the 3rd floor.

Thomas' Garden of Eden collection for Villari is comprised of a chandelier, dinnerware, barware and sconces. The pattern on the dinnerware was the refined subtle texture of the python that is in the fable. The giant hand-carved porcelain flowers highlight Villari's craftsmanship making it more visible. The gold leaf branches are formed in a whimsical pattern drawing you further into the garden getting lost between the branches.


Thomas Fuchs Garden of Eden Chandelier for Villari Italy

We raise our proverbial glass to all small business that are able to scale the mountains of dreams sperceding the standard thought patterns of comfort of the masses not wanting to leave their comfort zones to help without thought of compensation.

This is true lesson in practicing the ethos the book "The Go-Giver" which ironically was a gift from two guys furniture designer Djvan Schapira and Andrew James who I made an intro and got them published in Architectural Digest and both have gone on to do HUGE projects. Schapira with his burgeoning design business and James now the Associate Director of The Todd Merrill Studio. 

Thomas Fuchs Full Barware Collection for Villari Italy

In our society, we admire success-oriented people, or go-getters. But in The Go-Giver, authors Bob Burg and John David Mann turn that idea on its head. They argue that you should make giving rather than getting your first priority in business and in life—and success will follow. In the form of a business parable in which a mentor puts a frustrated go-getter on the path to success and fulfillment, the authors explain why and how you can change from being a go-getter to a go-giver by practicing the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.

It is our duty to act as conduits of positive energy; this is the true essence of success. In a time where individual achievements dominate, it's clear that singular secular success isn't enough to propel us all forward together. Careers in social media and life coaching are valid, but the most profound coaching we can undertake is of ourselves—to give generously without expecting anything in return.

Python Dinnerware

Everyone has dreams, everyone is on a journey. Let's take the time this week to quietly support our fellow human beings as they navigate their paths towards fulfilling their own dreams.

This generation has the potential to redefine success, not just as personal achievement but as a collective journey towards a brighter future. Let's embrace the opportunity to help others selflessly, knowing that by doing so, we contribute to a world where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Have a great weekend,



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