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"Iike the wind because you can't buy it" - Angnelli


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We are at the tail-end of summer. I am on a plane to Europe for Salone del Mobile and  Milan Design Week then to Maison Objet . There is no better way to close out the summer than giving you a preview of our new Melamine 2020 Yacht / #Boatlife Dinner and Drinkware Collection ( see video above)  and by celebrating renown Italian Industrialist Ginnani Agnelli and his love for boats!

Yachts and speedboats were a well-known "weakness" of L'Avvocato, as Gianni Agnelli (1921-2003) was known. His unique taste was not only in his appearance, but he was evident everywhere, from his cars and yachts to the excellent collection of works of art he donated to the city of Turin in 2002. In this article we.


Agnelli's first yacht, the Tomahawk was a landmark. Bought in 1956, made of steel and mahogany and of course in style. A 12-meter boat built in 1939 by Charles Nicholson, the Tomahawk was originally built to participate in America’s cup. In 1962 it was sold to his sister Susanna.


Originally sailed in 1951, The Agneta was purchased bt Agnelli in 1959. With a Burmese teak deck, silver Canadian spruce and a marble fireplace in the owners cabin, this 82-Foot boat is perhaps the most distinctive of all boats of L'Avoccato, is special feature was its separate red wine porto sails. 



Agnelli received the G. Cinquanta in 1968, - a sleek, super speedboat designed by Sonny Levi. With four BPM V-8 Vulcano engines, the 37-foot cruiser, Levi-signature Delta frame, a Pininfarina-designed cockpit with 1,280 horsepower, it certainly stood out and, as expected, Gianni loved it.


Extra Beat

The Extra Beat was the most impressive sailing boat of the decade, when it sailed in 1988. It was the first Agnelli custom-built boat to oversee its design and construction. An elegant and timeless 36-meter sailboat that continues to impress with its refined exterior design and spacious interior. It was the first modern super yacht built by Abeking and Rasmussen. It was a test design and broke many technical boundaries of its time, such as the large titanium and carbon rudder.



Giovanni Agnelli knew exactly what he wanted when he commissioned this iconic design in 1996. "The boat will be black and will be called Stealth. I just want to have fun and enjoy sailing. And I want it to end in 6 months! Details were given to the Frers design office, Green Marine shipyards and civil engineer Giovanni Belgrano for finalization.

Thomas Fuchs Dishware & Drinkware Boating Collection 

The result was one of the fastest and certainly most remarkable superyachts built since the time of the large J-Class monoliths of the 1930s. The shipbuilder Germán Frers, who had created a revolutionary hull, designed the Stealth.

Made entirely of carbon fiber, it pushed the boundaries of advanced technology far ahead of any superyacht before - and it had to be, because the 15-knot hull loads were 2.5 times higher than those measured on a regular yacht. The 28.45 meter boat had white seats, black sails and a teak deck - the epitome of luxury. Today, it belongs to Lapo Elkann, Agnelli's grandson.

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