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As a barware, lighting and home accessories design company, at Thomas Fuchs Creative we specialize in handmade goods. Every week we give you a behind the scenes look at the people, places and things that inspire us.

Mom's YSL 80's Makeup Palette 

When we launched our dinnerware line years ago it was so important to hit the ball out of the park with our colour combinations. After much research and historical reference I always remembered my mother in Yves Saint Laurent's Pink and Red makeup palette.

Thomas Color Testing

Recently someone paid me and my mother a compliment and without skipping a beat I said " I owe it all to my Mother". The various point of reference for my taste, style and "Savoir Faire" has all come from one person.... MY MOTHER! 

Mom (in YSL), Dad & I 

Having made the recent pilgrimage to see The Barbie Movie (dressed in Pink of course) It reminded me that not only was the "American Dream" still very much alive but more importantly it was strong women who shaped our thoughts, our know hows' and our self esteems so instead of seeing it as a stereotype of sorts I see it has being able to personalize The Barbie Movie director Great Gerwigs' take by turning it on its head and showing how it has empowered not only women but the sons... YES SON's... and daughters they had.  


Thomas Fuchs Fuchsia / Pink Dinnerware 

 The history of the color pink is very interesting. Pink is the color of a namesake flower that is a pale tint of red.[2][3] It was first used as a color name in the late 17th century.[4] According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and romance.

Thomas Fuchs Fuchsia \/Red Dinnerware in Vogue Mexico 2022

A combination of pink and white is associated with chastity and innocence, whereas a combination of pink and black links to eroticism and seduction.[5] In the 21st century, pink is seen as a symbol of femininity, though this has not always been true; in the 1920s, pink was seen as a color that reflected masculinity.[6]

Our love of the color pink was so strong at Thomas used it in our collaboration with legendary Italian linen company The NapKing which debut this past January at Maison Objet in Paris 

Thomas Fuchs Pink Crocodile Linen Tablecloth for The NapKing

 With the last few days of summer fast on approach and people's instagram feeds and reels slowly will transition from pinks to other colour spectrums we are left knowing the joy of the colour pink and the emotion it evokes not to mention the most important Pink Quarts Crystal that is mined from our planet Earth.  The pink quartz crystal has the ability to attract love. It attracts love into your world in all its forms; romantic love, but also friendship, nurturing, communication with peers and partners. It also has a strong association with self-love. The stone has been used in the past as a symbol of good luck


Mom & Hazy Mae's Cookie Jar

 Mom's Nails to Match our Thomas Fuchs Dinnerware

The most important thing to remember is choice of colour doesn't define or categorize you it emits the vibration you are feeling broadcasting it to the world and all eyes that set upon you. So dawn your merry attire and make people blush of course.

We wish everyone a week filled with PINK love.

Michou & Thomas 


Inspiration is everywhere and in everything for MM & TF …
But they both have/had very special mothers … influential Ladies who shaped their unique styles and test … at an adult age I witnessed that they also enlarged their mothers’ figures to others stylish ladies from various countries: Babouche , the Artist Nita Ker from Monaco , their Italian neighbor or their french Jacqueline based in NY sculpted by her worldwide experiences…
It s always wonderful to a knowledge the positive power we have on each others…
We Are All One !

Gabriella A August 02, 2023

Lovely and this time you get a 💗

Alessandra August 02, 2023

I’ve been wearing pink and white for years because of my vow of chastity (not because I wanted to) and of innocence (the way I’ve lived much of my life, perhaps not intentionally). Mothers are, if we’re lucky, our very best friends. I miss mine. Cherish yours!

Larry Willett August 02, 2023

I simply love this post! So timely what with the movie, and Greta Gerwig’s flipping the Barbie universe on its head. Whether we know it or not, we are influenced by the fashion of our formative years. If we’re lucky, some of that influence comes from our stylish parents.

Lane Green August 01, 2023

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