Isolation Activities - Dorian Guo Draws His Way Out Of Isolation

Illustrator Dorian Guo at his drawing Table

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This week we meet artist Dorian Guo. I came across Dorian while writing my blog on Frank Everett of Sotheby's and his husband Alex Chavez. Alex had come across him on the gram and commissioned a portrait of he and Frank.

Alex Chavez and Frank Everett featured in Isolation 2020


Dorian Guo has developed an artistic universe at the crossroads of Chinese and French cultures which offers a fresh perspective on historical subjects, myths, fantasy and elegance. He is a self-taught painter since early childhood and has devoted his career to both art and decorative painting in more recent years.

He is passionate about history and art, and is keen to share his interests with a wide audience. He shares his work and publications with specialists, enthusiasts and neophytes on social networks in order to exchange ideas and enrich each other .... Through his passion, Dorian Guo allows his audience to rediscover the works of art and crafts of the past by revealing some of their incredible richness and infinite source of inspiration for contemporary decorative art.


Instagram for Isolation Activities by Dorian Guo 

Whats more inspiring as Leslie Jordan has taken America by storm on his insta with videos that literally make you Laugh Out Loud - "well shiiit" - Dorian makes us dream of times spent in Jardins à la Française with beautiful men in the background of lounging around the house doing day time activities that give depth to the every day lockdown. 

While everyone is scrolling and trolling instagram I took it upon my self, if anyone knows me personally I work beyond the speed of light, I contacted Guo and before commissioning a portrait of our dog children I asked him  vital questions giving us insight on this more than fun project and a peak into his amazing world of portrait and wallpapers. 

Michou : What is your professional background , what are you trained in?

Dorian: I have a PhD in International public law, but while  looking for a job in that field I realized that I would prefer to work in the creative field and head up my own design company. I began by designing wallpapers entirely made in France and presented my first collection in January of this year

Michou: How did come to doing illustrations?

Dorian:  I have yet to be asked to illustrate anything. These are drawings. When the quarantine began I decided to depict “the daily life of the single Parisian.”I wanted to bring something light, fun and charming during this hard time. The response was overwhelming and drawing has now become a new aspect of my work

Michou: I love your global theme in the time of Covid, How did that concept come to you? 

Dorian: The covid-19 virus can be considered as a big historical event. My “Parisian daily life” is meant to memorialize this extraordinary moment.  I am often commissioned to to create these “memory drawings”  for people who want to depict the inventive ways they have used to cope with either isolation or being thrust together living on top of each other.  This is the kind of work that gives me pleasure as it becomes a way to communicate and share our lives no matter the distance caused by the need for “social distancing”

Frida Mahtani - Fuchs & Georgie Mahtani Fuchs June 17th 2020

Michou: Who or what are your some of your biggest inspirations, art song and poetry?

Dorian: I like classical, especially Baroque vocal music, however Disney’s songs are a great source of inspiration for me particularly from “Mary Poppins.” My inspirations derive from my insatiable need to discover old things, new things, new techniques and concepts. Music brings me the kind of peace that make my drawings reflect happiness, beauty and eccentricity


Michou: Living in Paris what is your Favourite Patisserie, Boulangerie ?

Dorian: This is Paris, there are too many choices in every arrondissement. Please come to Paris again and enjoy cakes.

Michou: What is your favourite art supply store in Paris where you buy your paint and paint brushes?

Dorian: BHV Marais.  They have an extensive selection of what I require in their Art Supply department.  You can either help yourself or If you need help, the staff is well informed and friendly.

Herve Pierre with Melania Trump


Renown Designer Herve Pierre  has this to say:

"Dorian has all the qualities of a man of taste and talent of the XXI century. His knowledge and expertise on the 17th and 18th centuries precisely give him a head start to be a man of his time ...  is a gift ... you cannot "design" the future without understanding the past ... it is not only politics and economics that define the juice of an era ... artists and people of  are responsible for the packaging of this unique fragrance that is the "Present" "

 Hervé Pierre


Contact Dorian Guo for your custom portraits as his star is on the rise !

Instagram: @dorian.guo or @isolationactivities2020 





BillyKar December 25, 2020

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Mabsevoceette September 26, 2020

I am in love with Dorian’s drawings. Frida and Georgie have been beautifully portrayed as the queens that they are.

Iraida June 26, 2020

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