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Article: Do you ever wonder which glass is appropriate for your drink?

Do you ever wonder which glass is appropriate for your drink?

Do you ever wonder which glass is appropriate for your drink?

Have you ever wondered which drinking glass is best for which drink? If you are anything like me, it gets overwhelming knowing which glass to use. The older we get, the more sophisticated and grown up our gatherings get. It is time we hang up our cheap solo cup from backyard barbecues, and trade them in for some more elegant.

 Some of these styles of glasses have existed for decades, and gives the individual a perception of a better drinking experience. This might sound a little far fetch, but if you are drinking your favorite drink out of the corresponding glass, the aromas and flavor of your drink are maximized exponentially.


Thomas Fuchs Creative Hand Blown Hand Carved Drinking Glass

Here are some of the most common glasses we would expect to be using at any event:

Thomas Fuchs Creative  Pint Glass w/ Skull Shaker

The American Pint is usually used when drinking lagers, or brown ales. These types of glasses hold 16 ounces, and is in the shape of a cylinder that gets slightly larger at the top. This is a cheaper option that using a plastic cup.


 Thomas Fuchs Creative  Double Old Fashion Glass

The old fashioned glass, rocks glass, lowball glass[1][2] (or simply lowball), is a short tumbler used for serving spirits, such as whisky, neat or with ice cubes ("on the rocks"). It is also normally used to serve certain cocktails, such as the old fashioned, from which it receives its name.

Old fashioned glasses typically have a wide brim and a thick base, so that the non-liquid ingredients of a cocktail can be mashed using a muddler before the main liquid ingredients are added. Retailers refer to it as a DOF.

The Pilsner

The Pilsner is a German-style drinking glass that is usually used for beers like Bock or Kolsch. Ciancio exclaims how the tampered shape captures the carbonation and color, while still allowing the foam to form at the top. This gives drinking out of this glass the ultimate experience for these types of beers.


The Snifter

The Snifter is a short stemmed glass with a wide, rounded bottom, and a narrow top. The shape of the bottom allows for swirling to release the aromas, and easy way to grab the glass. You typically use these glasses for intense beers like barley wines, quads, or heavy beers.



The Martini glass isn’t all for looks. It might take some time to get used to using, but there is a reason why the shape is the way it is. The cone shape prevents the ingredients from separating, and the stem prevents your hands from warming the drink.


Thomas Fuchs Creative Highball

The Highball shape is simple, yet productive. This allows carbonated drinks from losing their carbonation since there is not a lot of airway exposed. The more exposed, the quicker your drink becomes flat. You would typically see drinks such as gin, tonic, or anything mixed with soda.


Tulip Wine Glass

Tulip-shaped glasses, which are more traditional glasses, are usually served with white or rose wine. The shape slows down any rise in temperature, and the stem prevents your hands from heating up the wine.


Red Wine Glass

If you prefer red wine, a larger, bowl like shape is the perfect glass for you. With the larger glass, the opening is increased, which allows for room for the aroma to release.


Thomas Fuchs Creative Roly Poly Stemless Glass

Stemless glasses are becoming a staple in most kitchens today. They are an easy to clean shape, while still having an elegant look. These glasses are prefect for wines that are being served at room temperature since your hands will be surrounding the glass, unintentionally heating up the wine.



Thomas Fuchs Creative Roly Poly Glass 

These are just a few of the most common glasses that we would either see in our kitchen, or at a happening restaurant or bar. Selecting the right glass can enhance the experience, and have an elegant look.

Now that you know some more about drinking glasses, have you been drinking out of the right glass?

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