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Article: From Borgo to the Beach

From Borgo to the Beach

From Borgo to the Beach

While Thomas and I roam the earth to find artisans and craftsman that we can convince to revive the true art and techniques implementing Thomas' design bringing it into the now and future 90% of our production is done in Bella Italia. 

If you follow our instagram and blog you travel the world with us and know our love for italy is so deep that we are purchasing a home there. While acting like we were on an episode of International House Hunters we travelled to Puglia where we stayed at The Borgo Egnazia where we had first encountered the head of house Tommaso Marangi. 
There are few places in the world that take our breath way but as we know with every beautiful place its the people working there who breathe breath into it giving it the soul enabling other peoples dreams to be fulfilled. Mr. Marangi is one of those very people. 

We came home to Miami only to find out Tommaso was the result of a coup d'etat by the Fiola group, bringing him to Miami to help brand and launch their latest installation state side. As extremely discerning customers that we are, we did not alert their pubic relations team or any staff or asked for any freebees we went on an off Sunday right before brunch was over only to find Tommaso manning his post and full team at full speed. 

Once you have read our "eating our way through Puglia" you will realize that here in America its not just the chef that has to perform, it's the Maître D and his team outside of the kitchen who are the real turbines that make the machine move. Its not good enough to have Italian Food without real 1st generation Italian people running the place and in an establishment that has opened its 7th restaurant successfully in an area that had no real anchor on a cuisine level the ship has come in. 
Mr. Marangi, from the 1st step into the restaurant, brought Italia to Miami in one hand gesture! From knowing which side to approach guest on to knowing where to seat them to offering a tour of the establishment and mentioning everything from Pasta making classes to the upcoming roof top we were "sold" on our experience. 
Service: A+
Food: A
Interior: B+ / A- ( a bit safe) hopefully the rooftop will be more adventurous if they consult us (wink)
Table Top: Flatware Fortessa weight 16/40 - Dishware: Richard Ginori 
Lighting: B+
Wine Cellar: A+

We raise our Thomas Fuchs drinking glasses to toast Fiola Miami picking the right man to be the Captain of the ship that has now dropped anchor in South Miami. 

Below is a pic of renown local CBS news anchor Elliot Rodriguez @eliottr singing the praises of Tommaso ! 

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