A weekend celebrating festival of grapes at Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Egnazia is like a breathing tale of Puglia, spoken by the ancient culture of the land and by the sheer beauty of its nonpareil architecture.

It happens every hour of the year: you come and live your time here, and nature is powerful, peace is intense, harmony is full. It’s a place where you meet your self. It’s Borgo Egnazia: it’s nowhere else.



"In Vino veritas" preached the ancient Latin wisdom and in the month of the harvest. Our inebriating “Festa dell’Uva” (Festival of Grapes) pays homage to wine and grapes, popular fruit of the Puglian summer.

A lively and joyful occasion to discover all the phases of the grapes transformation into wine: from the harvest of the bunches to the barefoot crushing and hand pressing, to the fermentation of the must.

The lovely Piazza is full of local farmers and traditional work tools from wine cellars, artefacts born from the mastery of craftsmen and wicker-woven baskets full of grapes dancing on the girls' heads to the rhythm of the music.

The ritual of the harvest, with the sparkling atmosphere of grape pressing, will make this late summer evening unforgettable, toasting the second half of the year and having dinner with the most genuine Puglian specialties.

   Michou and I were so lucky to stay at Borgo Engnazia for the weekend where we enjoyed our own villa as well as festival of the grapes.





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