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PRE-ORDER Set of Six - Carnival + - Yellow

Sale price$ 540.00

As stated, glasses from Murano, Italy are highly detailed, handcrafted and individual. Due to the global demand for these extravagant glasses, Italian Artisans are required to work long and hard days.

Per Italian tradition, the glass factories close during the summer months to provide employees much needed rest and family time. When pre-ordering a Murano Glass please expect a delay of up to 4 months before receiving your personalized glassware.

Carnival + Yellow

You never know what you'll see at the carnival. What wonders will unfold? Much like these handblown Murano glasses, Italy brings the traveling circus into your home. Keep an eye open... or two... or three! 

The Carnival + glasses contain silver leaf in each glass in order to give you precious and sparkling tableware.

Dimensions - Width 3.14 X Hight 3.93

Thomas Fuchs Creative releases a new collection of Murano drinking glasses which radiate with their bursts of color combinations and attention to fine detail. Murano has led European glassware for centuries and now Thomas brings “La Dolce Vita” into your home in the shape of a drinking glass.

Inspired by working long days at the glass factories in Italy, Thomas and the glassblowers would create a drinking glass at the end of each day using the pigments of color that were used during that day. Each piece was one of a kind which sparked the idea to add these great pieces to the Thomas Fuchs Creative family.

Thomas Fuchs Creative
PRE-ORDER Set of Six - Carnival + - Yellow Sale price$ 540.00