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Article: "OPA" - Eating our Way Through Greece

"OPA"  - Eating our Way Through Greece

"OPA" - Eating our Way Through Greece


Eating Our Way Through Greece

When friends hear you are in Europe for work during the summer and lure you to pop over for a few days to their  brutalist villa designed by a Greek living in Paris , as product designers with home design company and an online store, we knew we were  in for a luxurious treat.

What better way to spend a week looking at the sky swimming in the sea and dining on fresh seafood, not to mention it proved a great location for our Thomas Fuchs Creative Spring Summer 2020 Ad Campaign.

Thomas Fuchs Melamineware on location in Greece

Thomas Fuchs Bug Hand Embroidered Dinner Napkins Set of 4

We invite you to virtually travel with us to some of the top restaurants our Greek host invited us to and have also been mentioned by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow's  ubiquitous blog Goop

Lets start with the crown jewel of fare OMEGA 3. Omega 3 boasts the freshest fish with an ambiance to kill for , I mean if you are only 2 people maybe not so fun but with a group like ours....well can tell by the photo below. 

The Greek Gang

OMEGA 3 - Sifnos

This tiny, rustic beach shack may not look like much, but as the name suggests, Omega 3 is the best fish restaurant on Sifnos. Sure, you could go for the grilled fish route here and be perfectly satisfied, but Omega 3 excels at small plates you can’t find everywhere else, like a citrusy sea bream ceviche, and the most decadent seafood risotto. Plus, this is Greece so the sea views are pretty great, too, and another reason to come for lunch—just make sure you have a reservation.

Best Bar in Sifnos Cosi 

Cosi Bar Sifnos

While meandering through the centre of town we came across this jewel "Cosi" and just as its name sounds this place turns into a hopping night club / cafe with the worlds most tanned hotties sipping on STRONG drinks while enjoying a jammin DJ.


The next day more beach time with a different view. Descending down the stairs into a cliff made by Greek Gods where a sigh of non belief overcomes you while sipping on Mojitos all day long.


Lazarou Beach Club & Cafe

This surprise hidden spot makes you forget you sit in an office for most of the year staring out a window , if you are lucky to have a window in your office inbetween picking up dropping off kids to school doing homework and telling them repeatedly to clean up their rooms.

We basked in the diffused sunlight that shines through wooden wicker umbrellas casting the most beautiful shadows perfect for your insta photos while gleaming at the blue skies. While you lie in the sun you hear faint noises of kids jumping into the water from their ladder which extends out into the ocean. 


Next up our host made us board a zodiac boat and zip over to the island of Kimolos to lunch at none other than TO KYMA. Here we again we treated to the catch of the day with a great wine pairing and desserts galore while feeling tipsy by the sun basked in the love and laughter of our friends we heard a small motor and felt like we were in a Fellini movie when we saw a small VW Beetle driving by (see video below). 


We won't bore you with any more vacation photos or videos just a peek into our last summer while being stuck in #quaratine sigh.....

If you listen closely you can hear a group of americans from the hamptons who hopped off their huge yacht (seen in the above video)  only to be sat next to us. Luckily the more we drank the less we heard them ... LOL....


loves that you loved our home country! thank you for this beautiful blog and funny at the end the hamptons all money hahahahah


Gorgeous photos! I enjoyed your reminiscing while being quarantined on this cloudy spring day in NJ. It brought me back to the vacation my daughter and I had on the lovely Greek island Paros. Love Thomas Fuchs Design dinnerware – especially the embroidered napkins! Using fabric napkins are a great way to reduce paper waste and they add class to any tablesetting…breakfast, lunch, cocktails and dinner!


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